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Protesting and changes for Back Booth

Happytown | 6/17/2004 | By Bob Whitby, Jason Ferguson, Jeffrey C. Billman, J.J. Marley, Ian Monroe

What makes this a happy town, as opposed to a just another repressed, conservative, Southern town? Protesters, baby, protesters. We love 'em, bless their little bleeding hearts. Anybody who would ...[MORE]


Movies | 4/14/2005 | By Steve Schneider, Al Krulick, J.J. Marley, Al Pergande, Lindy T. Shepherd, Jessica Bryce Young

AFTER INNOCENCE Directed by Jessica Sanders 7 p.m. Sunday, April 17, at Enzian Theater Lenny Bruce, the legendary comedian and social commentator of the 1950s and '60s, once opined: "In the halls...[MORE]


Movies | 4/7/2005 | By Steve Schneider, Jeffrey C. Billman, Jason Ferguson, Al Krulick, Billy Manes, J.J. Marley, Micky Michalec, Al Pergande, Lindy T. Shepherd, Bob Whitby, Jessica Bryce Young

INTRODUCTION Though you can never be sure in what month it's going to land, the Florida Film Festival nonetheless arrives with the hardy bearing of a survivor. This weekend's 14th annual edition ta...[MORE]

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