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7/17/2008 | By Avery Beckendorf, Jeffrey C. Billman, Faiyaz Kara, Seth Kubersky, Bao Le-Huu, Billy Manes, Ian Monroe, Deanna Morey, Lindy T. Shepherd, Justin Strout, Jessica Bryce Young, Bob Whitby

Can you believe another year has passed? It seems like only yesterday that we were printing our fabulously popular Best of Orlando issue which by the way is the original and best Best of Orland...[MORE]

We get a grassy ass in Heritage Square and sympathy pains for Dave Plotkin

Happytown | 1/27/2005 | By Bob Whitby, Jeffrey C. Billman, Billy Manes, Vendela Zane

There's been a shocking – shocking! – development in downtown Orlando: The benches have been removed from Heritage Square. That's right, all the benches are gone. You want to sit and sip a s...[MORE]

After moving to our new digs, we receive a message from God

Happytown | 12/23/2004 | By Bob Whitby, Billy Manes, Jeffrey C. Billman, Ian Monroe

Happytown™ groupies take note: This column, and the newspaper it carries on its broad shoulders, has a new home. So please direct your love, flowers, vitriol, acerbic wit, undergarments, donatio...[MORE]

Orlando Weekly's Hurricane Survival Kit™

Happytown | 6/1/2005 | By Bob Whitby, Jeffrey C. Billman

ORLANDO WEEKLY'S (cut along dotted line ... yes, we know that means ruining your monitor) Hurricane season officially starts June 1, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administr...[MORE]

Gay Days and Disney fall out of love and Kuhn makes it a last call for Scruffy's

Happytown | 12/2/2004 | By Bob Whitby, Jeffrey C. Billman, Lindy T. Shepherd, Liz Randall

Gay Days and Disney World have always had a sort of "don't ask, don't tell" relationship, whereby Disney pockets big bucks from the annual red-shirt confab while maintaining plausible deniability to b...[MORE]

Our Election Day Diary

Happytown | 11/4/2004 | By Leigh de Armas, Bob Whitby, Jeffrey C. Billman

After months of fighting with your wife and stealing your neighbor's lawn signs, election day is finally over. Lucky for you, Happytown™ was on the scene to chronicle each shouted profanity and ...[MORE]

With 'Eyes Wide Open' we offer our political endorsements

Happytown | 10/28/2004 | By Bob Whitby, Jeffrey C. Billman

This, gentle readers, is the last time we'll be together before the Nov. 2 elections. And we know that there are dozens (OK, perhaps a baker's half-dozen) of you who have been waiting for us to tell y...[MORE]

Michael Moore in town and Banned Books Week

Happytown | 10/7/2004 | By Liz Randall, Leigh de Armas, Lindy T. Shepherd, Jeffrey C. Billman

In case you hadn't heard, political activist, filmmaker and best-selling author Michael Moore was in town Oct. 2, at the University of Central Florida. Hosted by the Campus Activity Board, Moore's 60-...[MORE]


Happytown | 9/9/2004 | By Leigh de Armas, Jeffrey C. Billman, Billy Manes, J. J. Marley, Steve Schneider, Lindy T. Shepherd, Bob Whitby

Happily, power did fail at the home of one Happytown™ correspondent, allowing said scribe to spend some quality time reading Jack London's The Cruise of the Snark, but also forcing him to rely o...[MORE]

Protest over protestor numbers

Happytown | 9/2/2004 | By Bob Whitby, Jeffrey C. Billman, Billy Manes

Just how many people were there in the streets of New York protesting the Bush administration Aug. 29? Depends on your source. Our beloved Orlando Sentinel put the figure at a mere 100,000, because re...[MORE]

Patty Sheehan and the Hurricane Opportunist of the Week

Happytown | 8/26/2004 | By Bob Whitby, Billy Manes, Jeffrey C. Billman, Sally Watt

Hurricane Opportunist of the Week: This week the prize goes to Affordable Residential Communities, a Denver-based owner and operator of mobile home parks. Out of the kindness of their hearts, ARC is o...[MORE]

Facing hurricane Charley

Happytown | 8/19/2004 | By Bob Whitby, Billy Manes, Jeffrey C. Billman, Ian Monroe

Friday afternoon, Aug. 13: Stop at Nick's Discount Beverage on Crystal Lake Road and the line's out the door. Friggin' Charley. Why is it spelled that way anyway? Some dude with a thick accent walks i...[MORE]

The Monsters and City Beautiful terrorists

Happytown | 7/15/2004 | By Billy Manes, Leigh de Armas, Steve Schneider, Jeffrey C. Billman

Heads are gonna roll, nod off and roll again, as everybody's favorite racially insensitive heroes, The Monsters (formerly known as The Monsters of the Mid-day), are forced from their 6 a.m. to...[MORE]

Protesting and changes for Back Booth

Happytown | 6/17/2004 | By Bob Whitby, Jason Ferguson, Jeffrey C. Billman, J.J. Marley, Ian Monroe

What makes this a happy town, as opposed to a just another repressed, conservative, Southern town? Protesters, baby, protesters. We love 'em, bless their little bleeding hearts. Anybody who would ...[MORE]

Nancy's Guys & Dolls closes

Happytown | 5/27/2004 | By Bob Whitby, Billy Manes, Jeffrey C. Billman, Ian Monroe

We could blather on about the closing of Nancy's Guys & Dolls, the little concrete-block box of a bar nestled in a parking lot where Robinson Street turns into Crystal Lake Drive, but that would be di...[MORE]

Decoding Kathleen Parker

News | 5/13/2004 | By by Billy Manes, Steve Schneider, Bob Whitby, Jeffrey C. Billman

Orlando Sentinel columnist Kathleen Parker is a very important writer. Not only does she speak for the entire South, including all those soccer moms and NASCAR dads, she is also the voice of independe...[MORE]

Thom Butler and locally made comedy The Bros.

Happytown | 5/13/2004 | By by Billy Manes, Steve Schneider, Bob Whitby, Jeffrey C. Billman

Or should we say sad town? We were as devastated as most downtown dilettantes when we found out that one of our brethren had found his way to the pearly gates. At press time last week, the news came a...[MORE]

Lawsuits against Bush and the Xtreme Pro Challenge

Happytown | 5/6/2004 | By Bob Whitby, Billy Manes, Jeffrey C. Billman, Ian Monroe, J. J. Marley

A guy named Rick called Happytown™ HQ three times last week to ask if we were going to write anything about the $50 million lawsuit filed by a Texas woman alleging that she had been drugged and ...[MORE]

All the news that hasn't happened yet

News | 1/1/2004 | By William Dean Hinton, Jeffrey C. Billman, Bob Whitby

Most papers prefer to wait for news to occur to report it. We'd rather be proactive and tell you what the future holds right now ...[MORE]

Mickey lops heads at school district

News briefs | 9/26/2002 | By William Dean Hinton, Jeffrey C. Billman

The Orange County School Board needed an image boost to convince voters to back its half-cent, school-construction sales tax. Walt Disney World wanted the tax to pass since it would save $50 million i...[MORE]

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