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Sentinel employees sacked, OPAC on the fast track and the Fat-Ass Ride for Cancer

Happytown | 11/18/2004 | By Jeffrey C. Billman, Lindy T. Shepherd, Leigh de Armas, Billy Manes

This isn't such a happy town for the nine Orlando Sentinel employees who were unceremoniously sacked last week. Blaming "the difficult economic times we are in," and below-target advertising revenues,...[MORE]

Buddy gets a new ride and city poops on dogs eating on patios

Happytown | 11/25/2004 | By Jeffrey C. Billman, Leigh de Armas, Steve Schneider, Billy Manes, Jason Ferguson

Buddy Dyer's got himself a new ride. Hizzoner will soon be cruising in a shiny black $31,000 2005 Ford Expedition that's about a half-block long and probably gets 12 mpg, city, as befitting the head o...[MORE]


News | 11/4/2004 | By Bob Whitby, Leigh de Armas


John Kerry comes to Orlando

Happytown | 10/21/2004 | By Lindy T. Shepherd, Billy Manes, Leigh de Armas, Ian Monroe

Time and place: 6 p.m. Oct. 18, Barnett Park, next to the Central Florida Fairgrounds. There was dust in the air from the dirt roads kicked up by the heavy traffic and the brilliant lamps in the Kerry...[MORE]

Michael Moore in town and Banned Books Week

Happytown | 10/7/2004 | By Liz Randall, Leigh de Armas, Lindy T. Shepherd, Jeffrey C. Billman

In case you hadn't heard, political activist, filmmaker and best-selling author Michael Moore was in town Oct. 2, at the University of Central Florida. Hosted by the Campus Activity Board, Moore's 60-...[MORE]

French-fry grease-fueled cars

Happytown | 7/29/2004 | By Jeffrey C. Billman, Leigh de Armas, Steve Schneider, Jessica Bryce Young

Props to HUGR Systems for knowing how to get our attention. First, the press release: "Revolutionary New Engines Running on French Fry Grease Unveiled in Apopka Monday." Mmmm, French fries. Next, t...[MORE]

Kayla LaSala and

Happytown | 7/22/2004 | By Steve Schneider, Leigh de Armas, Lindy T. Shepherd, Bob Whitby, Amy Cassell

We should all worry that the authorities were "shocked" at the "cunning" of Kayla LaSala, the 14-year-old arrested July 13 in Altamonte Springs, on the lam from her home/prison in West Virginia (she's...[MORE]

The Monsters and City Beautiful terrorists

Happytown | 7/15/2004 | By Billy Manes, Leigh de Armas, Steve Schneider, Jeffrey C. Billman

Heads are gonna roll, nod off and roll again, as everybody's favorite racially insensitive heroes, The Monsters (formerly known as The Monsters of the Mid-day), are forced from their 6 a.m. to...[MORE]


News | 12/30/2004 | By Bob Whitby, Lindy T. Shepherd, Jeffrey C. Billman, Leigh de Armas, Jason Ferguson, Steve Schneider

Some papers use their final publishing cycle of the calendar to wistfully look back on the year that was, praising the good and excusing the bad, sugar-coating it all with the soft focus of time. We s...[MORE]

"Sensei and sensibility"

Dog Playing Poker | 12/16/2004 | By Steve Schneider, Leigh de Armas

I've been thinking a lot these days about the concept of succession. First the Disney stockholders got up in arms that Michael Eisner wasn't grooming anyone to take over for him one day; then Dan Rath...[MORE]

10 stories found. Showing page 1 of 1.

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