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10/14/2010 | By J. Hunter Sizemore, Lindy T. Shepherd

The art of PowerPoint Pecha Kucha Oct. 7 at Cameo Theatre It’s been said that every time someone makes a PowerPoint presentation, Edward Tufte kills a kitten. Still, Tufte, fat...[MORE]

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8/26/2010 | By Seth Kubersky, Lindy T. Shepherd

One guy, too many girls Some Girl(s) Through Aug. 29 at Lowndes  Shakespeare Center 812 E. Rollins St. 407-872-8451 $18 Maybe it’s a musty shoebox buried dee...[MORE]

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8/19/2010 | By Erin Sullivan, Lindy T. Shepherd

Diverse backgrounds Mechanized Underground Through Aug. 27 at Creative Spirit  Art Gallery 820A Lake Baldwin Lane 407-898-8343 free Don’t let the...[MORE]

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8/4/2010 | By Richard Reep, Lindy T. Shepherd

Maitland color William Vincent Kirkpatrick:  American Impressionist Through Sept. 5 at Maitland Art Center 231 W. Packwood Ave., Maitland 407-539-2181 $3...[MORE]

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7/28/2010 | By Al Krulick, Lindy T. Shepherd

Dark hearts The Heiress Through Aug. 22 at Mad Cow Theatre 105 S. Magnolia Ave. 407-297-8788 $24-$28 Mad Cow’s Jennifer Christa Palmer and Mark Edward Smith ar...[MORE]

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6/30/2010 | By Richard Reep, Lindy T. Shepherd

Beautiful darkness Welcome to the Forest Through July 10 at Neon Forest Gallery 1841 S. Orange Ave. 321-217-1675 Free Amongst the gritty charm of south Ora...[MORE]

Whatcha doing this summer?: Here’s a handful of suggestions for some quick class action

6/30/2010 | By Sarah Keenan, Allen Levin, Liz Langley, Casey Morell, Lindy T. Shepherd

Some of us still lament the loss of the summer vacations of our youth. You know, the feeling of complete freedom when schoolbooks were turned in and you could turn your attention to planning new adven...[MORE]

FRINGE EXPOSED!?: Where players gather in droves, there’s drama …

5/19/2010 | By Seth Kubersky , Lindy T. Shepherd

2010 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival May 20-May 31 Lowndes Shakespeare Center  and the Orlando Repertory Theatre Loch Haven Park,  812 E. Rollins St. Bu...[MORE]

Florida Film Festival:Making faces: The 19th-annual Florida Film Festival unveils cinema’s variety of looks and voices

4/7/2010 | By Justin Strout, Rob Boylan, Trevor Fraser, William Goss, Billy Manes, Steve Schneider, Lindy T. Shepherd, Bob Whitby, Jessica Bryce Young

Florida Film Festival 2010 April 9 – April 18 at Enzian Theater, Regal Winter Park Village 20 and Plaza Cinema Café 407-629-1088 $10 (individual scr...[MORE]

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3/17/2010 | By Al Krulick, Lindy T. Shepherd

Madcap Willy The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged) Through April 3 at Garden Theatre 160 W. Plant St., Winter Garden 407-877-4736 $18-$22 William Shakes...[MORE]


Happytown | 3/3/2010 | By Billy Manes, Lindy T. Shepherd

We’ve whiled away whole afternoons wondering just what it would be like to be among the brotherhood of the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation. With the flexible hours, the vice “dress-up” parties, t...[MORE]


Happytown | 1/27/2010 | By Jim Gaines, Billy Manes, Lindy T. Shepherd, Bob Whitby

The 37th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision to legalize abortion in this country did not pass without notice in Orlando. First up, on the pro-choice side of the ring, was the Jan. 21 event...[MORE]


Happytown | 1/20/2010 | By Billy Manes, Lindy T. Shepherd, Bob Whitby

With every DUI infraction comes a heap of regret. Whether it’s the booze-filled gibberish of your just-two-beers-officer story or the realization that a sequined miniskirt wasn’t the best fashio...[MORE]


Happytown | 12/17/2009 | By Jim Gaines, Billy Manes, Lindy T. Shepherd, Bob Whitby

We’re getting commuter rail! Soon, you’ll be able to get there from here and back again and stuff. A pretty slight representation of the state Senate voted during their special session Dec...[MORE]


Happytown | 11/25/2009 | By Billy Manes, Lindy T. Shepherd

Another one bites the dust at CityArts Factory. Jim Faherty and Steve Jones of Church Street Concepts & Events LLC, who operate out of the Pound Gallery, have moved out over financial dis...[MORE]

Holiday Guide 2009: Holiday Hours: Meet the folks who work Christmas so you can be safe, fed, entertained and drunk

11/18/2009 | By Trevor Fraser, Billy Manes, Lindy T. Shepherd, Justin Strout, Bob Whitby, Jessica Bryce Young (Photos by Jason Greene)

Holiday Guide 2009 With the exception of the lonely and those in serious need of cash, no one wants to work Christmas. You’re supposed to be at home with the family tearing into pre...[MORE]


Happytown | 10/14/2009 | By Billy Manes, Lindy T. Shepherd, Bob Whitby

There’s something in the air over at public radio station WMFE (90.7-FM): We’ve heard gurglings that the station is going all talk and news at month’s end. Yay! But don’t tell anybody, because W...[MORE]


Happytown | 7/30/2009 | By Billy Manes, Lindy T. Shepherd, Bob Whitby

You know where the world’s best body painters live? Not Los Angeles or New York. Not Paris, Milan, London, Beijing or Amsterdam. They live here, in Orlando. Yes, indeedy, we are the champio...[MORE]


7/16/2009 | By Jeffrey C. Billman, Trevor Fraser, Faiyaz Kara, Bao Le-Huu, Billy Manes, Lindy T. Shepherd, Justin Strout, Bob Whitby, Jessica Bryce Young

select a link below Holy crap! We asked you to vote for Orlando’s best people, places and things, and did you ever respond. This year we got 2,678 votes in our readers poll, almo...[MORE]


Happytown | 6/11/2009 | By Billy Manes, Lindy T. Shepherd

We know it’s tantamount to heresy to spit water all over whatever it is that makes blue and white “ignite,” especially considering that the Orlando Magic are in the NBA finals pressing Dw...[MORE]

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