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7/20/2006 | By Jeffrey C. Billman, James Carlson, Jason Ferguson, Amber Foster, Billy Manes, Steve Schneider, Lindy T. Shepherd, Shan Stumpf, Bob Whitby, Jessica Bryce Young

Wander the streets in search of answers no longer, Orlandoans, the Best of Orlando has finally arrived! In these pages you'll glean priceless insight from the City Beautiful's most trusted scribes o...[MORE]

CONVENTIONAL ROMANCE: Daytona plays host to 1,000 romance novel enthusiasts and one passionate young journalist with a secret

6/22/2006 | By James Carlson

Her wrinkles catch my eye. Her sex jokes capture my heart. Mary Everett, a sparkplug 60-something woman measuring 5 feet in heels on a tall day, sits next to me on the edge of the beachside sand-vol...[MORE]

HOMECOMING: The Orlando Vet Center deals with the unique scars of the Iraq war

6/1/2006 | By James Carlson

As the war in Iraq rages on, the number of American troop deaths continues to climb above 2,400. On top of that, more than 17,000 American troops have been wounded in the fight. Those are the number...[MORE]

THE TREE PEOPLE: Meet Van. He lives in the woods. There's probably someone just like him living near you

5/25/2006 | By James Carlson

Van Lankin lies in bed and wonders what hell do tomorrow. Maybe hell go to the pool. Maybe try to get into the clinic. Something. Hes got to think of something to keep from going crazy. There r...[MORE]


5/11/2006 | By James Carlson

Like clockwork, the boom sounded at 9:50 p.m., meaning it was time for Peggy Handley to walk outside. It was April 14, a Friday, and for the past week Universal Orlando Resort had been setting off f...[MORE]

WHAT WOULD JESUS DO ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING?: More than many Christians, says one local evangelical leader

Feature | 4/13/2006 | By James Carlson

Christians and Republicans – like Batman and Robin, or Lennon and McCartney – just seem to go together. The duo has teamed up to fight the evils of evolution, abortion, gay marriage and stem...[MORE]

HOW TO END UP IN PRISON: A wrong decision here, a bad situation there, and suddenly you're in Robert Robach's shoes

Feature | 4/6/2006 | By James Carlson

It was just like any other brief. On Page 3 of the Local & State section in the Aug. 4, 2004, Orlando Sentinel, sandwiched between stories about a funeral and a hotel fire, was an article headline...[MORE]

BIG, BAD BULLIES: OCPS wants to end the time-honored practice of picking on the week. You got a problem with that?

Feature | 3/30/2006 | By James Carlson

After Winter Springs middle-school student Chris Penley recently took a pellet gun to school and was shot in the ensuing raid by police, reports came out, as they often do, that the 15-year-old was bu...[MORE]

ONE MAN'S TRASH: Dumpster diving for fun and profit … well, not so much profit

Feature | 3/9/2006 | By James Carlson

Dumpster diving in Orlando seemed like an urban myth. I'd heard of people nabbing a coffee table or an ugly lamp from the trash, but that's not the kind of diving we're talking about here. There...[MORE]

PSST, BUDDY ... WANNA BUY A NATIONAL FOREST?: The Bush administration proposes selling off parts of the Ocala National Forest to pad the budget

Feature | 3/2/2006 | By James Carlson

It's doubtful the U.S. Forest Service has ever considered the Bush administration an ally. The White House's budget called for $234 million in cuts to the USFS last year and $150 million in cuts this ...[MORE]

WHITE LIKE ME: An embed reports from the inside of Orlando's biggest neo-Nazi rally

Feature | 3/2/2006 | By James Carlson

I'm standing in front of a long rack of black boots at the American Army & Navy Store on South Orange Blossom Trail, pondering that age-old question: What should I wear to my first Nazi rally? The Na...[MORE]

SOMETHING STINKS: When a developer offers a school district free land in a controversial development, it's best to check it out first

Feature | 2/16/2006 | By James Carlson

On Jan. 10, the board of county commissioners voted to allow Marc Watson to build residential housing on his Universal Boulevard land after the county's legal department opined that the developer had ...[MORE]

RIGHT-WING RADIO: Christian broadcasting giant Salem Communications makes its mark in Orlando

2/9/2006 | By James Carlson

On Sept. 28, Bill Bennett – the sermonizing drug czar in George H.W. Bush's administration who turned out to be a habitual gambler – was taking calls on his conservative radio show, Bill Ben...[MORE]

GOING, GOING, GONE: One Orlando family watches the hours tick by before another tour of duty in Iraq

Feature | 1/26/2006 | By James Carlson

Four more days, five more nights. That's how long staff sergeant Danny Campos, 35, has until he is deployed to Iraq. Right now at 11 a.m. on a Thursday, he's at his home, a new duplex in a new develop...[MORE]

DOWN WITH KIDS!: Here come the childfree, and they're not going to take it anymore

Feature | 1/12/2006 | By James Carlson

There's a European television commercial that's been posted all over the web that shows a father and his young son in a grocery store. The kid throws a bag of candy in the cart. The father takes it ou...[MORE]

CHEAP SHOTS: Our annual compendium of sucker punches, low blows and gut kicks. Enjoy!

Feature | 12/29/2005 | By Jeffrey C. Billman, James Carlson, Jason Ferguson, Billy Manes, Lindy T. Shepherd, Steve Schneider, Bob Whitby

Time once again for our annual cleansing ritual. Here's how it works: We think back to 2005 and fondly recall all the people, places and things that made the world – and especially our small corn...[MORE]

DOING THE HARD SELL: Want to get your high school kid an athletic scholarship? Maybe it's time you hired an agent

Feature | 12/22/2005 | By James Carlson

It's a cold Tuesday evening at the Sanford Memorial Stadium just north of Orlando, where more than 40 of the area's best high school football players are practicing for the Central Florida All-Star Ga...[MORE]

MILLION-TO-ONE SHOT: 'Lean Dean' Iafornaro says he wrote Rocky III, and with a new installment coming out it's time for Stallone to pay up

Feature | 12/15/2005 | By James Carlson

With all the hype the recent release of the Star Wars DVD has received, silver-screen fanatics might have missed more pressing sixth-installment news: Rocky VI began shooting in December. Rumors of th...[MORE]

GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: Are dead sex offenders really dangerous?

Feature | 11/24/2005 | By James Carlson

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Curtis Talley, 83, is a sex offender living in Seminole county. If you go to the FDLE's sex-offender registry at and ...[MORE]


11/24/2005 | By James Carlson

Dave Biehl, 60, wears a black leather vest with the seal of the Christian Motorcyclists Association sewn on the back as he thunders down Orange Blossom Trail on his '99 Honda Valkyrie motorcycle. On h...[MORE]

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Sushi House

Restaurant review: by James Carlson | 2/23/2006

Unless you've been hiding for the past 15 years, you know that sushi is so "in." Ever since Molly Ringwald pulled out a raw-fish meal for lunch in The Breakfast Club, sushi has been the "it" food for ...[MORE]

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