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Articles by Jay Boyar

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5/4/2006 | By Jay Boyar

Have you ever noticed that a comedian on a talk-show couch sounds an awful lot like a patient on an analyst’s couch? Fortunately, Jonathan Katz did. He and his collaborators turned that peculiar...[MORE]


Feature | 4/20/2006 | By Jay Boyar

When the grand pooh-bahs of the motion picture academy decided to present 81-year-old director Robert Altman with an honorary award at this year's Oscar ceremony, they had to be thinking that they had...[MORE]

COMING UP SHORTS: Less can be more at the Florida Film Festival

Feature | 3/23/2006 | By Jay Boyar

The problem with a lot of movies these days is that they're too damn long. King Kong, which clocks in at over three hours, would have been twice as good at half the length. Meanwhile, The Chronicles ...[MORE]

IN HIS DREAMS: The fevered fancies of Busby Berkeley

Feature | 3/16/2006 | By Jay Boyar

In your dreams, have you ever imagined yourself swooping through the open legs of a line of hot babes? Or have you ever pictured rows and rows of nubile beauties disrobing in sexy silhouette? And just...[MORE]


Feature | 2/2/2006 | By Jay Boyar

With the recent death of Richard Pryor, the greatest comedian in the English-speaking world, this may be a good time to take the pulse of stand-up comedy. And, going on the basis of what we're seeing ...[MORE]

STILL PRODUCING: What rings Mel's bells – and why

Feature | 1/5/2006 | By Jay Boyar

The first time I laughed after Sept. 11 I was listening to a radio interview with Rudy Giuliani. New York's then-mayor was trying to persuade tourists to return to the city. As an inducement, he noted...[MORE]

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DVD review: by Jay Boyar | 7/13/2006

“Dear Pee-wee, Remember me? Lou from prison. Your letters have really helped me pass the time. In fact, some of the guys joke with me that you are my girlfriend.” This transgressive missive ...[MORE]

DVD review: by Jay Boyar | 6/15/2006

Among the most highly anticipated films of the summer is the one about an illegal alien who comes to this country and sets about doing the sort of jobs that Americans will not or cannot. I’m talking...[MORE]

DVD review: by Jay Boyar | 6/8/2006

Valley of the Dolls came out in 1967, a phenomenal year at the movies. That was also the year of such landmark films as Bonnie and Clyde, The Graduate, Cool Hand Luke, In Cold Blood, and In the Heat...[MORE]

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