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And justice for all: Law clinic provides free legal aid to city’s neediest residents

Read And justice for all

6/30/2010 | By Jim Gaines

Amanda Florentino Garcia is already waiting in the lobby when two law school interns and attorney Ka’Juel Washington walk into the Center for Women and Families on the evening of June 22. The 29-y...[MORE]

Police Beat

Police Beat | 6/30/2010 | By Jim Gaines

June 15 (2010-281105) 1:13 a.m.: Two men in latex gloves burst into a house in the 3800 block of Johnson Street and ransacked it. They shot one guy in the leg and fled before they got any icky germs....[MORE]

Room service: Orange Country takes online-travel companies on a trip to court

6/30/2010 | By Jim Gaines

Although it wasn’t much of a vacation, late last year Richard Rabazinski eschewed the comforts of his Winter Park home for two nights in posh Orlando hotels. On Nov. 3, 2009, he called online-travel c...[MORE]


Happytown | 6/30/2010 | By Jim Gaines, Billy Manes, Justin Strout

Oh, crap. The healthcare wars are back! Way back on April 22, the legislature approved House Joint Resolution 37, a wildly divisive bit of political hackery intended to save the great state of Florida...[MORE]


Happytown | 6/24/2010 | By Jim Gaines, Billy Manes, Justin Strout

Back in the blustery days of institutionalized meteorological homophobia – say, 1998, when Pat Robertson warned Orlando that God and all of his whirling curses would spin into a hurricane formation an...[MORE]

Police Beat

Police Beat | 6/24/2010 | By Jim Gaines

June 6 (2010-265721) 4:45 a.m.: A dog lunged at police while they were looking for someone in the 10 block of Judith Lane. An officer tried to shoot the dog, but cops and canine alike escaped unscath...[MORE]

Police Beat

Police Beat | 6/17/2010 | By Jim Gaines

May 30 (2010-253298) 8:22 a.m.: A guy ran out of Wal-Mart on South Goldenrod Road with two flat-screen TVs in his arms and actually got away. Go steroids. (2010-253808) 4:40 p.m.: In an apartment in...[MORE]

Trash talk: Tenants and neighbors of a Sanford business park want to raise one stink to prevent another

6/17/2010 | By Jim Gaines

At the edge of Sanford Central Park, a business park off St. Johns Parkway just a few miles from historic downtown Sanford, garbage-hauling giant Waste Pro wants to put a new “fleet maintenance facili...[MORE]


Happytown | 6/9/2010 | By Jim Gaines, Billy Manes, Justin Strout

Sometimes we give Florida politics too much credit. The other night, while we were passing out in a personal apocalypse, the moving lips up on the glowing TV box started whispering a genius conspiracy...[MORE]

Police Beat

Police Beat | 6/9/2010 | By Jim Gaines

May 25 (2010-243732) 1:50 a.m.: Two guys acquired a 2006 Suzuki “by use of fists”  alone, waling on a couple near Sunlite Grocery on North Parramore Avenue. Bonus swings brought them the man’s walle...[MORE]

Police Beat

Police Beat | 6/3/2010 | By Jim Gaines

May 19 (2010-233979) 2:35 a.m.: Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. would convict you for shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theater, but how about setting fire to an empty office in the 4400 block of East Colonial...[MORE]

The magnetic fields: Challenging pharmaceutical norms in the battle against depression

5/26/2010 | By Greg Harman, Jim Gaines

Sitting in front of the television a quarter century ago, “Jay,” a tall, athletic-looking college senior with dark hair, was hit by a bolt of anxiety so powerful that death seemed a mere screen flicke...[MORE]


Happytown | 5/26/2010 | By Jim Gaines, Billy Manes, Justin Strout

If it were anybody else’s slightly overbitten mug of equine complacency, we might feel bad about such a rat-tat-tat succession of bad-luck shots aimed at one man in just two weeks: political sure-thin...[MORE]

Police Beat

Police Beat | 5/26/2010 | By Jim Gaines

May 11 (2010-220524) 7:40 a.m.: A man was arrested at Bella Casa Apartments on Conroy Road for whacking a woman with a hammer. May 12 (2010-222468) 7 a.m.: Thieves’ efforts to get onto the roofto...[MORE]

Greener than green: A local environmental business summit shows the true color of progress

5/19/2010 | By Jim Gaines

Inside the elevator at the Orlando Science Center, a small sign argues in favor of taking the stairs instead of riding. It’s a great way to burn calories, the sign says; the curving flights of carpete...[MORE]


Happytown | 5/19/2010 | By Jim Gaines, Billy Manes, Justin Strout

As Florida’s frightfully conservative battleground gets bloodier and bloodier – see last week’s announcement that Tampa will be hosting the pasty-white belly bump known as the Republican National Con...[MORE]

Police Beat

Police Beat | 5/19/2010 | By Jim Gaines

May 4 (2010-208933) 2 p.m.: Someone turned off the power, and thus the alarm, in a house on the 9500 block of Violet Drive. Since the residents’ electronics were now useless, the burglars considerate...[MORE]


Happytown | 5/12/2010 | By Jim Gaines, Billy Manes, Justin Strout

This week in queer schaden- freude, the breathing world stopped for a hot minute to point and laugh at National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality board member – and Family Researc...[MORE]

Police Beat

Police Beat | 5/12/2010 | By Jim Gaines

April 27 (2010-198959) 9 p.m.: Someone stole a .40 caliber pistol from an apartment in the 700 block of South Ohio Avenue. April 28 (2010-198303) 7:20 a.m.: A copper thief stripped appliances and t...[MORE]

Tastes like chikin: A local produce business takes heat from a fast-food chain

5/5/2010 | By Jim Gaines

What’s the difference between a cow and a tomato? Here’s the joke: Chick-fil-A  can’t tell. For about three months, a small business called Eat More Produce has sold fruit and vegetables, mostly rais...[MORE]

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