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Cable competition unplugged

Jim Hightower | 1/30/1997 | By Jim Hightower

Itís a new year -- do you know where your cable-TV bill is? Through the roof, thatís where! The typical cable subscriber now pays $36 a month, an all-time high. In 1996, Tele-Communications Inc., t...[MORE]

Bounty for job killers

Jim Hightower | 5/29/1997 | By Jim Hightower

There have been headlines recently about the stunning levels of paychecks that corporate executives pocketed last year -- averaging a 54-percent increase over the previous year. Behind the headline...[MORE]

Wrongs corrected and carried out

Jim Hightower | 4/10/1997 | By Jim Hightower

This week the Writerís Guild of America tried to right some decades- old wrongs by correcting the credits on movies written by blacklisted writers during the McCarthy era. At the time, the writers, t...[MORE]

Crime and punishment in conflict

Jim Hightower | 7/23/1998 | By Jim Hightower

When F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote that the rich "are different from you and me," he could have had in mind the special privileges being granted in Fauquier County, Virginia, to Susan Cummings. Until r...[MORE]

None of the above

News | 12/21/2000 | By Jim Hightower

Not all computer errors involve vote counts in Florida. Writing in Funny Times, Richard Lederer tells about a computer glitch that forced the publisher of an economics report to issue an apology to su...[MORE]

Beating 'round the Bush

News | 10/7/1999 | By Jim Hightower

Jim Hightower is a populist commentator whose zingers -- flung both to the left and the right -- hit with pinpoint accuracy. As a progressive, he faults not just party-line politicians but a politi...[MORE]

Prescription for fair prices

Jim Hightower | 8/5/1999 | By Jim Hightower

This book took shape with the premise that understanding the origins of someone's art is crucial to experiencing that person's imagery. The notion questions the modernists' posit of seeing the artist ...[MORE]

Seized with injustice

Jim Hightower | 7/29/1999 | By Jim Hightower

Did you ever think you'd see the ineffable right-wing congressman from Georgia, Bob Barr, shake hands with solid lefty lawmaker Barney Frank of Massachusetts? Or see hidebound Republican Henry Hyde lo...[MORE]

Complete care (for some)

Jim Hightower | 7/22/1999 | By Jim Hightower

The guiding ethic of our medical system goes back nearly 2,500 years to the Hippocratic Oath, which established a standard of behavior and integrity for doctors, including the admonition that, first, ...[MORE]

White-collar crime pays

Jim Hightower | 7/15/1999 | By Jim Hightower

TOWN CRIER Aug. 7, 2003 ROLLIN' AROUND MY NOGGIN' By Zachary F. Newhall Editor-in-chief Greetings, dear friends. Ordinarily, I'd start this ...[MORE]

High-tech schmoozing

Jim Hightower | 7/8/1999 | By Jim Hightower

Time for the newest Hog Report! This time we have high-powered, high-tech hogs like Bill Gates of Microsoft, Lou Gerstner of IBM and other corporate heavies who waddled into Washington for a three-day...[MORE]

Prosperity for the few

Jim Hightower | 7/1/1999 | By Jim Hightower

To know how the nationís economy is doing, we donít need to consult the ethereal Dow Jones Average, but the Flo Chart. Floís a waitress at the Dine & Go Diner working the 6 to 9 breakfast shift, th...[MORE]

Space: The final ad frontier

Jim Hightower | 6/24/1999 | By Jim Hightower

Time for another trip into the far, far, far-out frontiers of free enterprise. Today, Spaceship Hightower takes you into a curious time warp where big government metamorphs into big business. Take ...[MORE]

Low tide for summer wages

Jim Hightower | 6/17/1999 | By Jim Hightower

Some days I read the paper, and some days I just whap myself upside the head with it. This is one of my whapping days. It's a story in USA Today about how there's such a shortage of summer workers ...[MORE]

Drug museum: Just say no

Jim Hightower | 6/10/1999 | By Jim Hightower

Step right up, folks, for the thrill of a lifetime! You won't believe what you're gonna see inside this tent -- it walks, it talks, it smokes, it snorts! It's all part of the brand new museum built by...[MORE]

Wall Street's Democrat

Jim Hightower | 6/3/1999 | By Jim Hightower

Wow, we've really got a treasure-trove of presidential choices for 2000, don't we? From Gore and Bradley on the Democratic side to Bush, Dole, McCain, Forbes and even Danbo Quayle on the Republican si...[MORE]

Campaign-finance tyranny

Jim Hightower | 5/27/1999 | By Jim Hightower

It's time for another Hightower Hog Report! Yes, here come the banking lobbyists. There's the HMO crowd. Oooooh -- that big fat one is the military industry. And here come the Wall Street piggies. ...[MORE]

The war's other 'winners'

Jim Hightower | 5/20/1999 | By Jim Hightower

Here come the patriots marching to the front to stand with NATO in its war against Yugoslavia! Let's call their names: Boeing. GM. Honeywell. Motorola. Northrop-Grumman. Raytheon. TRW. United Technolo...[MORE]

'Pioneering' political fund-raising

Jim Hightower | 5/13/1999 | By Jim Hightower

George W. Bush, who wants to be your president, recently wowed the political pundits. Not with his grasp of issues (he says he's still studying them), not with his achievements as governor of Texas (h...[MORE]

Clinton flies high with hemp

Jim Hightower | 5/6/1999 | By Jim Hightower

Bill Clinton did not inhale. We're clear on that, right? But, recently, he did swallow. It was on a return trip to Washington from Mexico City, where the president had t...[MORE]

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