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Feature | 7/14/2005 | By Leigh de Armas

Orlando is one of the most magical cities on earth – if you're visiting. But if you live here, you probably feel like you're stuck in purgatory. Once in a while you'll have a blast. Once in a whi...[MORE]


News | 1/20/2005 | By Leigh de Armas

Morris Sorin, the principal and director of the New School of Orlando Prep, walks excitedly through a sea of empty, miniature desks and chairs. His wide eyes are animated behind his thick glasses, an...[MORE]


News | 12/9/2004 | By Leigh de Armas

When it comes to holiday gifts, little brats today don't know how good they have it. In the '70s and '80s, you were lucky if you got a Cabbage Patch Doll and a jar of Play-Doh to keep you occupied. Tw...[MORE]

CATCH 'EM YOUNG: Inside kid Power, a group of adults that wants to sell more stuff to your children

Feature | 6/1/2005 | By Leigh de Armas

Child development can be fairly predictable. At age 3, children insist on doing things by themselves. At 4, they love to mix fantasy with reality. At 5, they like investigating things. Understanding t...[MORE]


News | 11/25/2004 | By Leigh de Armas

"The truth is, I don't know when things will get back to normal for me," says Orlando resident and University of Central Florida biology student Derek Sinns, as he flips through the channels on his fr...[MORE]


11/18/2004 | By Leigh de Armas

Could the mysterious glowing ball of "green cheese" suspended in our night sky be a catalyst for chaos here on earth? Is it merely coincidence that the word "lunatic" derives from the Latin word m...[MORE]

Sentinel employees sacked, OPAC on the fast track and the Fat-Ass Ride for Cancer

Happytown | 11/18/2004 | By Jeffrey C. Billman, Lindy T. Shepherd, Leigh de Armas, Billy Manes

This isn't such a happy town for the nine Orlando Sentinel employees who were unceremoniously sacked last week. Blaming "the difficult economic times we are in," and below-target advertising revenues,...[MORE]

Buddy gets a new ride and city poops on dogs eating on patios

Happytown | 11/25/2004 | By Jeffrey C. Billman, Leigh de Armas, Steve Schneider, Billy Manes, Jason Ferguson

Buddy Dyer's got himself a new ride. Hizzoner will soon be cruising in a shiny black $31,000 2005 Ford Expedition that's about a half-block long and probably gets 12 mpg, city, as befitting the head o...[MORE]


News | 11/11/2004 | By Leigh de Armas

The results are in. The Environmental Quality Institute at the University of North Carolina-Asheville recently released the interim results for Greenpeace's ongoing Mercury Hair Sampling Project, whic...[MORE]


News | 11/4/2004 | By Bob Whitby, Leigh de Armas


Our Election Day Diary

Happytown | 11/4/2004 | By Leigh de Armas, Bob Whitby, Jeffrey C. Billman

After months of fighting with your wife and stealing your neighbor's lawn signs, election day is finally over. Lucky for you, Happytown™ was on the scene to chronicle each shouted profanity and ...[MORE]


News | 11/4/2004 | By Leigh de Armas

"I used the condom they gave me from school, how could this have happened?" says a young girl. "Hollywood made it seem so good," says a teenage boy. "Once a guy has been there, once he's climbed tha...[MORE]

John Kerry comes to Orlando

Happytown | 10/21/2004 | By Lindy T. Shepherd, Billy Manes, Leigh de Armas, Ian Monroe

Time and place: 6 p.m. Oct. 18, Barnett Park, next to the Central Florida Fairgrounds. There was dust in the air from the dirt roads kicked up by the heavy traffic and the brilliant lamps in the Kerry...[MORE]


News | 10/21/2004 | By Leigh de Armas

Like thousands of Orlando residents, Cassandra Zikuda and her fiance, Steve Weil, have had a rough year. Their manufactured home in Audubon Village, off Beggs Road in northwest Orlando, sustained cons...[MORE]


News | 10/14/2004 | By Leigh de Armas

Two months after a group of homosexual foster parents weathered their third defeat in attempting to overturn Florida's gay adoption ban, plaintiffs Wayne Larue Smith and Daniel Skahen say they're sett...[MORE]

Michael Moore in town and Banned Books Week

Happytown | 10/7/2004 | By Liz Randall, Leigh de Armas, Lindy T. Shepherd, Jeffrey C. Billman

In case you hadn't heard, political activist, filmmaker and best-selling author Michael Moore was in town Oct. 2, at the University of Central Florida. Hosted by the Campus Activity Board, Moore's 60-...[MORE]


Culture | 9/30/2004 | By Leigh de Armas

St. Augustine is the oldest city in North America, which means there's a lot of historical crap to learn about there. But the really cool thing about being around so long is all the folks who died hor...[MORE]


News | 9/23/2004 | By Leigh de Armas

After six years of demotions, cutbacks and intimidation from corporate headquarters, the unionized pilots of Pan American Airlines fought back, and won. The Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), a unio...[MORE]


News | 9/16/2004 | By Leigh de Armas

Athela "Beaner" Frandsen is like many 15-year-old girls – she loves science, computer games and her pet rat, Luna. But just beneath the surface of the quiet-voiced, well-mannered Melbourne teenag...[MORE]


Happytown | 9/9/2004 | By Leigh de Armas, Jeffrey C. Billman, Billy Manes, J. J. Marley, Steve Schneider, Lindy T. Shepherd, Bob Whitby

Happily, power did fail at the home of one Happytown™ correspondent, allowing said scribe to spend some quality time reading Jack London's The Cruise of the Snark, but also forcing him to rely o...[MORE]

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