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Homage to the highest office

Read Homage to the highest office

10/21/2010 | By Lindy T. Shepherd

The Art of Hope: A Regional Juried Exhibition Commemorating the First African American U.S. President, Barack Obama Through Jan. 17  at Crealdé School of Art  600 St. Andrews Blvd., Winter Park 40...[MORE]

Culture 2 Go

10/14/2010 | By J. Hunter Sizemore, Lindy T. Shepherd

The art of PowerPoint Pecha Kucha Oct. 7 at Cameo Theatre It’s been said that every time someone makes a PowerPoint presentation, Edward Tufte kills a kitten. Still, Tufte, fat...[MORE]

The art of the deal: Devotees of the Maitland Art Center fear a recent merger threatens its future

10/14/2010 | By Lindy T. Shepherd

Editor's Note: This story has been edited to correct some inaccuracies. Margot Knight was not personally hired as a consultant to negotiate the merger between the Maitland Art Center and the Maitland ...[MORE]

Culture 2 Go

10/7/2010 | By Lindy T. Shepherd, Seth Kubersky

A clever bit of Broadway [title of show] Through Oct. 23 at Footlight Theatre The Parliament House 410 N. Orange Blossom Trail 407-425-7571 $16 Conventional wisdom contends that...[MORE]

Fall Guide 2010 - Performing Arts

9/23/2010 | By Lindy T. Shepherd

To put it in financial parlance, the bounty of theatrical and dance productions that are going to be Facebooked and flaunted to potential ticket buyers this season makes Orlando an audience’s mark...[MORE]

Fall Guide 2010 - Civics

9/23/2010 | By Lindy T. Shepherd

As the Nov. 2 general election draws near, progressive voters should keep in mind that the election results for the August primaries leaned heavily toward conservative causes and that there was an...[MORE]

Fall Guide 2010 - Visual Arts

9/23/2010 | By Lindy T. Shepherd

Fall ushers in the art-festival season – and hopefully some cool, breezy days in which to enjoy wandering around colorful scenery on the weekends. Popular gatherings are the Maitland Rotary Art Festiv...[MORE]

Orlando gets edible

On The Side | 9/9/2010 | By Lindy T. Shepherd

It wasn’t so long ago in Orlando that it was almost impossible to buy garden-fresh organic produce unless you were lucky enough to have a secret farm source. Over the past few years, the locavore move...[MORE]

Crowd scene: Thomas Thorspecken Sketches the Audience

9/9/2010 | By Lindy T. Shepherd

Thomas Thorspecken Sketches the Audience Sept. 5 at Lowndes Shakespeare Center Artist Thomas Thorspecken has delighted a growing number of Orlando fans over the past year and half with his detailed ...[MORE]

Fumble: Some complain that contracts offered by Lingerie Football League don’t treat players fairly

9/2/2010 | By Lindy T. Shepherd

It wasn’t the prospect of “accidental nudity” that troubled Mea Angelini. That’s just one of the risks you take when you play tackle football in a garter, bra and panties. It was concerns about liabil...[MORE]

Culture 2 Go

8/26/2010 | By Seth Kubersky, Lindy T. Shepherd

One guy, too many girls Some Girl(s) Through Aug. 29 at Lowndes  Shakespeare Center 812 E. Rollins St. 407-872-8451 $18 Maybe it’s a musty shoebox buried dee...[MORE]

Balls out: Lingerie Football League brings guts and garters to Orlando

8/19/2010 | By Lindy T. Shepherd

Under the sweltering summer sun on a playing field in south Orlando, a group of young women in workout shorts and sports bras stands in a loose huddle, focused on their coach. They’re all long legs, l...[MORE]

Going off the rails: Transportation show allows conceptual artists to roam

8/19/2010 | By Lindy T. Shepherd

What Moves You? 6-11 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 19 at  CityArts Factory 29 S. Orange Ave. 407-648-7060 Free Where does a journey begin and end?  For each of the ar...[MORE]

Culture 2 Go

8/19/2010 | By Erin Sullivan, Lindy T. Shepherd

Diverse backgrounds Mechanized Underground Through Aug. 27 at Creative Spirit  Art Gallery 820A Lake Baldwin Lane 407-898-8343 free Don’t let the...[MORE]

Two Boba Fetts on the wall ...: And other homages to the Empire

8/11/2010 | By Lindy T. Shepherd

Mother Falcon Strikes Back 8 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 12, at Mother Falcon 817 E. Washington St. 407-423-3060 Free The original version of this story incorrectly in...[MORE]

Performing Arts: Fuddy Meers: Seriously Fuddy business

8/11/2010 | By Lindy T. Shepherd

Fuddy Meers Through Aug. 23 at the Footlight Theatre, Parliament House Resort 410 N. Orange Blossom Trail $14 Among the things proved during the opening-night performance o...[MORE]

Culture 2 Go

8/4/2010 | By Richard Reep, Lindy T. Shepherd

Maitland color William Vincent Kirkpatrick:  American Impressionist Through Sept. 5 at Maitland Art Center 231 W. Packwood Ave., Maitland 407-539-2181 $3...[MORE]

Culture 2 Go

7/28/2010 | By Al Krulick, Lindy T. Shepherd

Dark hearts The Heiress Through Aug. 22 at Mad Cow Theatre 105 S. Magnolia Ave. 407-297-8788 $24-$28 Mad Cow’s Jennifer Christa Palmer and Mark Edward Smith ar...[MORE]

Words of war against drilling: Florida writers wage battle before – and after – the spill

7/21/2010 | By Lindy T. Shepherd

Unspoiled: Writers Speak forFlorida’s Coast Red Hills Writers Project $10 Last November a network of environmental writers, outraged by the cries of “Drill, baby, drill” reso...[MORE]

Hubbard’s vampires don’t suck … : Neither does the writer’s creative energy

7/7/2010 | By Lindy T. Shepherd

The Season of Risks By Susan Hubbard Simon & Schuster, 320 pages “It must be age,” says Susan Hubbard over the phone about the jetlag that’s been lingering since her return several days ...[MORE]

303 stories found. Showing page 1 of 16.

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Lakeside Cafe

Restaurant review: by Lindy T. Shepherd | 3/19/2009

For decades, the cafeteria at Florida Hospital Orlando has been a secret arsenal for vegetarians, vegans, the healthy-minded and the broke. The operation is wrapped in the traditions of the hos...[MORE]

Europol Polish Deli

Restaurant review: by Lindy T. Shepherd |

East Winter Park is home to a growing number of Polish transplants who shop for staples at Europol Polish Deli — the former home of Warzawa. Neither the plain storefront (buried in the plaza at the ...[MORE]

Favela Rising

Film review: by Lindy T. Shepherd | 7/6/2006

“We are destroyed people infected with idealism,” explains one of the members of the nonviolent cultural movement AfroReggae in the masterful documentary Favela Rising (seen here as part of last Decem...[MORE]

Wazzabi Sushi

Restaurant review: by Lindy T. Shepherd | 4/6/2006

The promise made by the out-of-the-ordinary exterior of Wazzabi Sushi extends to the dining experience. A fenced outdoor patio efficiently utilizes a sliver of space adorned by boxy lanterns and natur...[MORE]

Breakfast Club

Restaurant review: by Lindy T. Shepherd | 6/24/2004

Everybody has their breakfast food of choice, and for some people it's pancakes – maybe even specialty pancakes, like banana crunch or wheat germ or blueberry. In this town, the First Watch franc...[MORE]

Through the Fire

Film review: by Lindy T. Shepherd | 3/2/2006

It's a cliché: A black kid from the projects sleeps with his basketball and dreams of becoming an NBA star. Then he can buy a house for his momma and lead his family out of poverty in a fleet of ...[MORE]

Back on Top

Recording review: by Lindy T. Shepherd | 3/24/1999

If you’d never heard Van Morrison before but had a propensity to fall for shuffling rock, jazzy blues, and bittersweet sentiments and vocals, "Back on Top" is sure to capture your musical heart. But t...[MORE]

Bad Ass Coffee Company

Restaurant review: by Lindy T. Shepherd | 12/9/2004

What do you get when you cross Starbucks with Ron Jon's Surf Shop? A coffeehouse with a faux molten volcano, 3-D surf wave, saltwater aquarium and brews with an attitude, aka Bad Ass Coffee Company. ...[MORE]

Palmano's Espresso Bar

Restaurant review: by Lindy T. Shepherd | 6/26/2003

There are still times when you can feel the flavor of old Park Avenue. One is in the civilized morning hours, when parking spaces are plentiful and the aroma of fresh coffee is strong enough to follow...[MORE]

Fever Pitch

Film review: by Lindy T. Shepherd | 4/14/2005

"It's cute" will be the overwhelming coo that greets this sweet meetup between Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore. And Fallon certainly is cute as a schoolteacher with a Boston Red Sox jones that preoccu...[MORE]

Be Cool

Film review: by Lindy T. Shepherd | 3/10/2005

It's hard to figure out who's jerking whose chain in this Get Shorty follow-up: Even in the opening sequence, John Travolta, reprising his role as mobster-turned-mogul Chili Palmer, wisecracks about s...[MORE]

The Pacifier

Film review: by Lindy T. Shepherd | 3/3/2005

It was the run-ragged parents who were laughing – often more loudly than the kids – at the Saturday-morning screening of what's being called "the remake of Kindergarten Cop." Please, Vin Die...[MORE]


Film review: by Lindy T. Shepherd | 2/10/2005

Finally, a romantic comedy made for men (or their ilk) – one that won't earn any awards but will make millions this Valentine season. In the title role, Will Smith embodies the polarities always ...[MORE]

Guess Who

Film review: by Lindy T. Shepherd | 3/24/2005

Bernie Mac + Ashton Kutcher = big box office. The two comedic actors create a chemistry that hold together this race-reversed remake of the Sidney Poitier classic Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? This ti...[MORE]

Florida Hospital Cafeteria

Restaurant review: by Lindy T. Shepherd | 2/8/1996

There’s an abundance of painfully obvious jokes to be endured when you invite a bunch of wise-asses to lunch at a hospital cafeteria. But the superspread at Florida Hospital Orlando had them eating th...[MORE]

Winnie's Oriental Garden

Restaurant review: by Lindy T. Shepherd | 9/9/2004

After the slap of Charley and too many hours in a powerless, mildewing kitchen, the sight of the lights aglow inside Winnie's Oriental Garden drew us in like a magnet. Though dressed in post-hurric...[MORE]

Shakers American Cafe

Restaurant review: by Lindy T. Shepherd | 8/5/2004

Tucked away on Edgewater Drive, the tiny cottage called Shakers has served its tried-and-true breakfast and lunch menu for ages without becoming outdated. It's the kind of place that can be counted on...[MORE]

Tony's Deli

Restaurant review: by Lindy T. Shepherd | 4/8/2004

There are freshly painted peach-colored murals on the walls at Tony's Deli, with new printed menus to match. And that's good news to customers of the Middle Eastern stronghold on Mills Avenue that dat...[MORE]


Film review: by Lindy T. Shepherd | 9/22/2005

As audiences at this year's Florida Film Festival were among the first to learn, actor John Leguizamo has all the right moves to play hero reporter Manolo Bonilla, the star of a sensational news show ...[MORE]


Recording review: by Lindy T. Shepherd | 2/20/2003

It's been almost seven years since local vocal beauty Terri Binion delivered her haunting debut, "Leavin' This Town." Though the stellar folk collection was quickly reissued by Daemon Records (label o...[MORE]

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