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Articles by Liz Randall

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Gay Days and Disney fall out of love and Kuhn makes it a last call for Scruffy's

Happytown | 12/2/2004 | By Bob Whitby, Jeffrey C. Billman, Lindy T. Shepherd, Liz Randall

Gay Days and Disney World have always had a sort of "don't ask, don't tell" relationship, whereby Disney pockets big bucks from the annual red-shirt confab while maintaining plausible deniability to b...[MORE]


News | 11/25/2004 | By Liz Randall

After seeing the movie The Grudge, it occurred to me that a particular aspect of real estate could be a lot more frightening than rising interest rates. I'm talking about houses haunted by spirits who...[MORE]

Michael Moore in town and Banned Books Week

Happytown | 10/7/2004 | By Liz Randall, Leigh de Armas, Lindy T. Shepherd, Jeffrey C. Billman

In case you hadn't heard, political activist, filmmaker and best-selling author Michael Moore was in town Oct. 2, at the University of Central Florida. Hosted by the Campus Activity Board, Moore's 60-...[MORE]


News | 9/30/2004 | By Liz Randall

The worst part of a hurricane is not the winds; it's the waiting. As a Floridian, I'm accustomed to an active outdoor lifestyle; killing bugs, sneezing from pollen and sweating a lot. Instead, I've sp...[MORE]


News | 12/9/2004 | By Liz Randall

What do you say about a dead serial killer? That she was notorious and nasty and of no account? That she preyed on middle-aged men, trolled the highways as a prostitute, brokered the saddest sex this ...[MORE]

5 stories found. Showing page 1 of 1.

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