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Articles by Michelle Gienow

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Sole food: Eating organically and responsibly on a food-stamp budget

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10/21/2009 | By Michelle Gienow

or the past three years, following the typical Michael Pollan–fueled, now-I’ve-seen-the-locavore-light conversion experience, I’ve been trying hard to feed my family good food. It’s more difficult...[MORE]

Lard ass: Formerly demonized fat is actually good for you

4/30/2009 | By Michelle Gienow

So by now most of us have gotten the message: Trans fats are bad for you. Really, really bad. What’s more, the same people – doctors, nutrition scientists, the whole fricking government – that...[MORE]

CAN CAN: Keeping fruits and vegetables just like Grandma did

2/5/2009 | By Michelle Gienow

I sort of stumbled into canning a couple years back when I lucked into free all-I-could-pick organic apples and suddenly needed a way to preserve a lot of applesauce. Or perhaps I should say I ...[MORE]

CHEESED OFF: Buying food without questionable ingredients is hard; making cheese isn't.

5/29/2008 | By Michelle Gienow

I'm funny about my food: I like it to be made out of, you know, food. But, you might reasonably ask, isn’t that what the stuff we eat is made out of? Well, yes and no; more and more often th...[MORE]

4 stories found. Showing page 1 of 1.

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