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Soaring visions: Cornell exhibition leaps tall buildings

Read Soaring visions

9/30/2010 | By Richard Reep

Master/Plan: Visionary  Architects and Their  Utopian Worlds Through Dec. 23 at  Cornell Fine Arts Museum Rollins College, Winter Park 407-646-2526 $5 Auspiciously,...[MORE]

Culture 2 Go

9/16/2010 | By Richard Ree, Al Krulick

Heavy-hitting expressions Robert Motherwell and Jasper Johns: Poetic Works as Metaphor Through Dec. 23 at Cornell Fine  Arts Museum Rollins College, Winter Park 407-646-2526[MORE]

Moving Forward

9/2/2010 | By Richard Reep

Moving forward What Moves You? Through Sept. 11 at CityArts Factory 29 S. Orange Ave. 407-648-7060 Free Never mind the early evening storms, there was a bigg...[MORE]

Grandfather of ghoulishness: Edward Gorey’s dark legacy endures

8/26/2010 | By Richard Reep

Elegant Enigmas: The Art of Edward Gorey Through Oct. 31 at Orlando Museum of Art 2416 N. Mills Ave. 407-896-4231 $8 Once in a while, artwork mirrors the vast gulf betwee...[MORE]

Culture 2 Go

8/4/2010 | By Richard Reep, Lindy T. Shepherd

Maitland color William Vincent Kirkpatrick:  American Impressionist Through Sept. 5 at Maitland Art Center 231 W. Packwood Ave., Maitland 407-539-2181 $3...[MORE]

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7/21/2010 | By Seth Kubersky, Richard Reep

hairy issues chase Little Red The Little Red Riding Hood Show Through Aug. 8 at Lowndes Shakespeare Center 812 E. Rollins St. 407-447-1700 $10 Little Red Ri...[MORE]

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6/30/2010 | By Richard Reep, Lindy T. Shepherd

Beautiful darkness Welcome to the Forest Through July 10 at Neon Forest Gallery 1841 S. Orange Ave. 321-217-1675 Free Amongst the gritty charm of south Ora...[MORE]

Culture 2 Go: Smiling with the gods

4/21/2010 | By Richard Reep

Requesting Miracles:  Votive Offerings From Diverse Cultures Through June 5 at the Alice  & William Jenkins Gallery Crealdé School of Art 600 St. Andrews Blvd., Winter Park 407-671-1886 www...[MORE]

Culture 2 Go

3/24/2010 | By Seth Kubersky, Richard Reep

Filling the hole Superior Donuts Through April 18 at Mad Cow Theatre 105 S. Magnolia Ave. 407-297-8788 $24-$26 Arthur Przybyszewski (Sam Hazell), the pothead p...[MORE]

Before the new millennium

3/10/2010 | By Richard Reep

Before the new millennium Auspicious Vision Through May 23 at the Mennello Museum of American Art 900 E. Princeton St. 407-246-4278 $4 In the early 20th centu...[MORE]

Culture 2 Go

2/24/2010 | By Al Krulick, Richard Reep

Very happy ending All’s Well That Ends Well Orlando Shakspeare Theater 812 E. Rollins St. 407-447-1700 $20-$38 The director’s challenge when mounting a Shakesp...[MORE]

Culture 2 Go

2/3/2010 | By Seth Kubersky, Al Krulick, Richard Reep, Marc D. Allan

The prince remains a king of the theater Hamlet Through March 13 at Orlando Shakespeare Theater 812 E. Rollins St. 407-447-1700 $20-$38 William...[MORE]

Not for bedtime stories

1/20/2010 | By Richard Reep

Not for bedtime stories Bigger Than a Scrapbook: The Talking Quilts of Lauren Austin Through March 20 at Crealdé School of Art, 600 St. Andrews Blvd., Winter Park 407-671-1886 ...[MORE]

Visually infectious

1/13/2010 | By Richard Reep

Visually infectious Small Wonders Through Feb. 1 at Latitude Zero Fine Art Gallery 113 N. Hyer Ave. 407-601-5518 With a bang on a cold winter’s night, Lati...[MORE]

Creativity soared, sales sucked: Looking back on the 2009 local art scene

1/6/2010 | By Richard Reep

For visual artists in Orlando it was a year for organic growth: in other words, growth that was not necessarily visible but gestated some terrific work that popped up in shows and galleries, small...[MORE]

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