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This Little Underground

Read This Little Underground

This Little Underground | 10/21/2010 | By Bao Le-Huu

Sup, More-lando? Still pedal to the metal, I see. Keep it up. The beat As psyched as I was to see Baltimore dream-pop diamond Beach House perform (Oct. 11, Hard Rock Live), I was concerned about...[MORE]

Conventional wisdom: Experimental Brooklyn duo Xiu Xiu draws from surprising sources

10/21/2010 | By Bao Le-Huu

Xiu Xiu with the Growlers, Yip Yip 8 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 21 Back Booth, 407-999-2570 $10-$12 Some of history’s most intriguing bands have devoted their careers to romancing...[MORE]

This Little Underground

This Little Underground | 10/14/2010 | By Bao Le-Huu

You know that look on adog’sface when its head’s hanging out the window of a speeding car – peeled back lips flapping and all stupid smiles? That’s me during this unprecedented whirlwind of concerts. ...[MORE]

This Little Underground

This Little Underground | 10/7/2010 | By Bao Le-Huu

There’s really not much more to say about the fourth annual femme-centric ELLA Fest (Oct. 1-3, Orlando Brewing) that I haven’t already said, mainly because little has changed in its outlook. With a fe...[MORE]

This Little Underground

This Little Underground | 9/30/2010 | By Bao Le-Huu

No foreplay this week. Let’s get busy. The beat The big-shot feature for the latest Southern Fried Sunday was the Dex Romweber Duo (Sept. 19, Copper Rocket). If you don’t know Dex, you can probabl...[MORE]

This Little Underground

This Little Underground | 9/23/2010 | By Bao Le-Huu

R.I.P., Sunday Night Vinyl and Sunday Morning Coming Down. The classic alternative and alt-country radio shows, respectively, were the two venerable programs that were the most tragic casualties of Re...[MORE]

Hardly gentlemen: New York throwbacks come to town with a raunchy new album

9/23/2010 | By Bao Le-Huu

The Two Man Gentlemen Band ¡Dos Amigos, Una Fiesta! (Serious Business) 9 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 29 Redlight Redlight, 745 Bennett Road $7 Over the course o...[MORE]

This Little Underground

This Little Underground | 9/16/2010 | By Bao Le-Huu

Remember that stampede of concerts I was talking about? Well, time to get up and out because every single week between now and just about Thanksgiving will feature no less than three major tours comin...[MORE]

This Little Underground

This Little Underground | 9/9/2010 | By Bao Le-Huu

Reunited and it feels so goooood.  Sup, my babies? It’s great to be back in the saddle. You know I never like to leave you hanging, but I was up in the deep purple of Minneapolis for the 25th Anniver...[MORE]

Love gurus: Orlando coupling Wilbur meet cute

9/2/2010 | By Bao Le-Huu

Wilbur with James Roquemore & the Knots 9 p.m. Friday, Sept. 3 The Plaza Theatre  407-228-1220 $6 To note that Orlando’s Cassandra Wilcox and Arti...[MORE]

This Little Underground

This Little Underground | 8/26/2010 | By Bao Le-Huu

When I first moved to Orlando, I started going to school at Westridge Middle where the re-districting gentrification effort immersed me in the hardcore rap sounds of Public Enemy and N.W.A. Their caco...[MORE]

This Little Underground

This Little Underground | 8/19/2010 | By Bao Le-Huu

Brain drain tends to happen to still-developing scenes that are home to talented people like ours, but Danny and Jenny Feedback are two homegrown musicians who return this month. That may not sound li...[MORE]

This Little Underground

This Little Underground | 8/11/2010 | By Bao Le-Huu

When a huge God-Fart of thunder woke me up on Sunday, I was already worried for the Indie Summer Fest (Aug. 8, Audubon Park). You people sure love courting weatherly disaster with your outdoor summer ...[MORE]

This Little Underground

This Little Underground | 8/4/2010 | By Bao Le-Huu

While you’re out at the Indie Summer Fest (Aug. 8) in Audubon Park this Sunday, come check out my handpicked showcase inside Big Daddy’s, especially if: A) you wanna see a sampling of Orlando’s best...[MORE]

Dungeon masters: Orlando’s Six Dead Horses come out with swords blazing

8/4/2010 | By Bao Le-Huu

Six Dead Horses Horn Tusk Antler (self-released) Although Orlando’s Six Dead Horses formed four years ago, it wasn’t until the last couple of years that the sludge metal band has truly taken ...[MORE]

This Little Underground

This Little Underground | 7/28/2010 | By Bao Le-Huu

It’s my job to cast a critical eye on our city’s music scene, but sometimes our music community simply swells my heart. The benefit for Michelle Widmer (July 24, Will’s Pub), who recently lost an arm ...[MORE]

This Little Underground

This Little Underground | 7/21/2010 | By Bao Le-Huu

Ahhh yeah, happy days will soon be here again, sexy people. Concert calendars across the city are shaping up to be shit-hot for the fall with dope acts, current and classic, like MGMT, Yeasayer, Cryst...[MORE]

Pop matters: Locals Andy Matchett & the Minks hit the sweet spot

7/21/2010 | By Bao Le-Huu

Andy Matchett & the Minks The Apple Tree Circle (self-released) with Peter Baldwin, the Equines 8 p.m. Friday, July 23 Back Booth, 407-999-2570 $3 Pop roc...[MORE]

This Little Underground

This Little Underground | 7/14/2010 | By Bao Le-Huu

Lotsa good Georgia lovin’ this week… The Beat Atlanta’s Howlies (July 5, the Social Backroom) are one of the best trad-garage bands to come through in some time. Besides packing an abundance of ri...[MORE]

Way down in the hole: Red Mouth’s blues give the devil his due

7/7/2010 | By Bao Le-Huu

Red Mouth Saint Red Mouth (self-released) with Jack Watkins, Saint Sibian 9 p.m. Friday, July 9 Will’s Pub, 407-898-5070 $7 If anyone knows how to work a min...[MORE]

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Recording review: by Bao Le-Huu | 11/13/2008

The last time anyone made ’60s pop revivalism this sumptuous was in the ’90s. And with the ’90s slowly becoming the new ’80s, these indie-pop sophisticates may find themselves on the leading edge....[MORE]

Totally Michael

Recording review: by Bao Le-Huu | 11/6/2008

The knighting of nerds into hipsterdom has made stars of iconoclasts like MC Chris. But the dork culture’s next great white hope is more likely MC Chris’ current opening act, Indiana’s Totally Mic...[MORE]


Recording review: by Bao Le-Huu | 10/23/2008

Until recently, Florida was the launch pad for alt-rap prodigy Astronautalis. Before moving to Seattle, the Jacksonville native was a longtime protégé of Orlando imprint Fighting Rec...[MORE]

Censored Colors

Recording review: by Bao Le-Huu | 10/23/2008

Belying their frigid Alaskan provenance, ascendant band Portugal the Man has steadily stoked a hot buzz, and the self-financed Censored Colors should kick it up to a roaring new level. Though sti...[MORE]


Recording review: by Bao Le-Huu | 8/21/2008

Even for those hip to the area’s most peculiar band, Happy Valley’s latest is confounding. On their first full-length album, the arty, if not necessarily high-minded, Orlando trio deviates from t...[MORE]


Recording review: by Bao Le-Huu | 7/31/2008

Created mostly by member Mark Hosler, the latest album by longtime culture-jamming art pranksters Negativland is more outlandish than mischievous. It bumps and whirs in a stream-of-consciousness s...[MORE]

State of Grace

Recording review: by Bao Le-Huu | 7/31/2008

Unless they suddenly turn rap or something jarringly divergent like that, Street Dogs will always be compared to fellow Boston boys Dropkick Murphys. Both bands epitomize the same Southie tough-gu...[MORE]


Recording review: by Bao Le-Huu | 6/5/2008

Considering today’s images, it’s difficult to remember that there was a time when rap carried weight as an eye-opening glimpse into a marginalized existence. Rising Sudanese rapper Em...[MORE]

Light From Above

Recording review: by Bao Le-Huu | 5/22/2008

With their major-label debut, Miami’s baby-faced heavy metal savants Black Tide have produced an introduction that should provide the critical mass needed to unleash the hurricane that&rsquo...[MORE]


Recording review: by Bao Le-Huu | 4/24/2008

That a musician writes about his life isn’t a particularly remarkable fact. But when that life is pocked with a death wish, self-mutilation, substance abuse and a grocery list of mental illn...[MORE]


Recording review: by Bao Le-Huu | 11/22/2007

The pursuit of darkness in music is fraught with ham and melodrama, but by dodging the velvet and lace, the economical songs of this Philadelphia band achieve a stark, genuine sort of macabre that&...[MORE]

Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles

Recording review: by Bao Le-Huu | 11/15/2007

After helming the tastemaking label for 11 years, the Dim Mak don has finally released his own debut mix album. With a DJ career that’s blowing up by the minute, Steve Aoki’s had a hand...[MORE]

The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir

Recording review: by Bao Le-Huu | 10/25/2007

For a band based in Chicago, the Scotland Yard Gospel Choir sure sounds British; perhaps it’s because mastermind Elia is Welsh-born? The band deals in the sort of smart, brisk pop that has his...[MORE]

Businessmen & Ghosts

Recording review: by Bao Le-Huu | 10/18/2007

In this sprawling, two-disc U.S. debut (which bundles their UK debut album, subsequent EP and bonus tracks), WFANFC proves the first Manchester band to make the wildly hybridized Madchester aesthet...[MORE]

Silver Mountain

Recording review: by Bao Le-Huu | 10/11/2007

As one of rock & roll’s most enduring legacies, the music of the Rolling Stones attracts armies of imitators, but only a rarefied few can channel their virility. One shining example is th...[MORE]

Total Magique

Recording review: by Bao Le-Huu | 10/4/2007

Though wolf sightings are commonplace nowadays in music, the stuff this Montreal trio stomps out is anything but ho-hum. It’s an outright party that pumps in spasms of bop and thrash. Essenti...[MORE]


Recording review: by Bao Le-Huu | 9/27/2007

After five years of living and touring abroad, Argentinean songwriter Federico Aubele looked to reconnect with the Americas, where his inspirations have always thrived. Named after the Pan-American...[MORE]

Putting the Old Horse Down

Recording review: by Bao Le-Huu | 9/27/2007

Former members of area bands A Denver Mile, Band Marino and the Dark Romantics shoot a promising sprout from the local indie-pop crop. Though not particularly original or adventurous in style, they...[MORE]

Oh! My Troubled Mind

Recording review: by Bao Le-Huu | 9/20/2007

Just when you thought roots-rock was spent, along comes this local musician with an invigorating album that sweats with steely swagger and big soul. Some now know him as the guitarist for Thomas W...[MORE]

The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millenium General Assembly

Recording review: by Bao Le-Huu | 9/13/2007

As if there weren’t enough bands spilling forth with the English word “wolf” in their name, along it comes in French with this new D.C. band. The second release on Sub Pop’s arty offshoot label, their...[MORE]

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