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Orlando gets edible

Read Orlando gets edible

On The Side | 9/9/2010 | By Lindy T. Shepherd

It wasn’t so long ago in Orlando that it was almost impossible to buy garden-fresh organic produce unless you were lucky enough to have a secret farm source. Over the past few years, the locavore move...[MORE]

Sweet beginnings

On The Side | 8/26/2010 | By Jessica Bryce Young

Blue Bird Bake Shop 3122 Corrine Drive 407-228-3822 Pinkberry 7600 Dr. Phillips Blvd. 407-354-0890 Overactive appetite f...[MORE]

The fix is in

On The Side | 4/28/2010 | By Jessica Bryce Young

Orlando Restaurant Week Thursday, April 29, through May 6 Right on the cusp of sultry summer weather, Orlando Weekly’s Orlando Restaurant Week offers hot dinin...[MORE]

Hunka hunka burning cheese

On The Side | 4/21/2010 | By Holly V. Kapherr

Fire up the saganaki (everybody’s favorite oozy, melty, liquor-soaked flaming cheese appetizer) at Greek Fest 2010, hosted by Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Maitland Friday through Sunday. For ...[MORE]

On The Side: Green Party

On The Side | 11/4/2009 | By Courtney Gilmartin

Farmers markets are a dime a dozen in Central Florida, with weekend markets popping up everywhere from Maitland to Waterford Lakes. The newest kid on the block is located at Knights Plaza at t...[MORE]

Chaat rooms

On The Side | 8/27/2009 | By Faiyaz Kara

I spent many a childhood Sunday sitting in front of the console watching Godzilla flicks and eating bowl after bowl of chana batata – a curried mix of chickpeas and potatoes blended with black-eyed-p...[MORE]


On The Side | 12/11/2008 | By Faiyaz Kara

Deep pockets are essential when shopping at Nordstrom, but if outbound cash flow has you dizzy, a stop at the store’s secluded café this season is in order. Though it’s more fast-casual ...[MORE]


On The Side | 12/4/2008 | By Faiyaz Kara

Could Orlando follow in the footsteps of L.A. and have an all-out frozen yogurt war? Things are getting a little heated in the battle for fro-yo supremacy, with College Park’s CeFiore and Winter...[MORE]


On The Side | 11/13/2008 | By Faiyaz Kara

You may not have ever sampled the El Salvadoran pupusa, but if you’ve enjoyed Venezuelan arepas or Mexican gorditas, then you’re likely familiar with the Central American nation’s most popular foo...[MORE]


On The Side | 11/6/2008 | By Faiyaz Kara

After maneuvering through the labyrinthine roadways inside the Waterford Lakes Town Center, then downing some quaggy shepherd’s pie for dinner, I was looking forward to a superlatively sugary fina...[MORE]


On The Side | 10/23/2008 | By Faiyaz Kara

It’s clear the moment you walk through the doors of this renovated Taco Bell that the owners of the Green Day Café don’t want you to be an American idiot, at least insofar as your diet and ...[MORE]


On The Side | 9/11/2008 | By Faiyaz Kara

When it comes to guilt-free sweets, nonfat frozen yogurt has been a go-to treat among health nuts since the 1970s. In recent years, a sugary adulteration eliminated the natural flavor of the cool ...[MORE]


On The Side | 9/4/2008 | By Faiyaz Kara

I found myself uttering the common Cantonese refrain m’goy (or “thank you”) repeatedly at Tasty Wok, a modest corner noodle house where roasted birds dangle as freely as modifiers in a high school ...[MORE]


On The Side | 8/28/2008 | By Holly Kapherr

La Sevillana may not look like much, but the grilling that goes on inside is monumental in proportion to its size. Though the restaurant seats only 20 patrons, the enormous plates packed with me...[MORE]


On The Side | 8/21/2008 | By Faiyaz Kara

Having to dodge your way through cars, soccer moms and the occasional tree-hugging organophile scooting across the parking lot as fast as his socked-and-sandaled feet will take him may not be your...[MORE]


On The Side | 7/10/2008 | By Holly Kapherr

Don’t expect to hear the latest pop tune being pumped over the speakers at Adita’s Cuban Bakery on University Boulevard. The music that fills the tiny space is pure, classic salsa, and...[MORE]


On The Side | 7/3/2008 | By Holly Kapherr

Forget “Macho Man” Randy Savage. The real Slim Jim is a kabanos, a cured and smoked pork sausage from Poland, and the best place in Orlando to get them is Stanpol Polish Deli in East O...[MORE]


On The Side | 6/5/2008 | By Faiyaz Kara

At first glance, a gay-owned business in the heart of Parramore may seem as incongruous as an Idaho senator in a Minneapolis airport bathroom, but not so in Buddy Dyer’s vision of the new P...[MORE]


On The Side | 5/8/2008 | By Holly Kapherr

Choose these food-themed alternatives to the hackneyed flowers, facials and restaurant dinners to truly show her that out of all of her positive character traits, creativity was the one you ch...[MORE]


On The Side | 4/24/2008 | By Holly Kapherr

“I’m not an alcoholic, just a big personality,” says the woman behind the bar as she pours us a basket of Funyuns and Bugles. Though she looks and sounds like an off-kilter versi...[MORE]

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