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TWO FACES OF COMMA: McGrath's old world and kimsey's new one


Feature | 2/5/2009 | By Lindy L. Shepherd

For an example of the just-started ArtsFest hyperactivity (see Selections, page 16), take Comma Gallery, the cozy hole in the wall on Virginia Drive that continues to uncover remarkable artists...[MORE]

Notable Noise

Feature | 4/20/2006 | By Jason Ferguson

My quest for quality metal continues. Unfortunately, I drove into a quite unpleasant brick wall last Monday (April 10) when I went down to Will's Pub for a show headlined by Indorphine. I like these ...[MORE]


Feature | 4/20/2006 | By Al Krulick

The Orlando-UCF Shakespeare Festival closes its 2005-2006 season with a streamlined and fast-paced production of Julius Caesar, the Bard's historical tragedy about the assassination of the great Roman...[MORE]

HERE WE GO AGAIN: Daisy Lynum pushed the City Council hard to approve a deal that will make her friends a lot of money, and it's not the first time

Feature | 4/20/2006 | By Jeffrey C. Billman

I know Patrick," Orlando city commissioner Daisy Lynum declared at the April 3 Council meeting. "I know him personally. I knew his wife. I knew his momma. I know all of them." The Patrick in questio...[MORE]


Feature | 4/20/2006 | By Cole Haddon

Just a month before the release of Shooter Jennings' sophomore album Electric Rodeo, inspiration struck in the middle of the night, so Jennings and his band, the .357s, went back into the studio to b...[MORE]


Feature | 4/20/2006 | By Justin Strout

It may require a confluence of events more unlikely than the creation of a human being, but the birth of an indie label that actually makes an impact is always special, and always a surprise. From Su...[MORE]

THE POWER WORTHY: Our list of the people, places and things that shape Orlando, or should

Feature | 4/20/2006 | By Jeffrey C. Billman, Jason Ferguson, Micky Michalec, Steve Schneider, Lindy T. Shepherd, Shan Stumpf, Bob Whitby, Jessica Bryce Young

That other newspaper, the name of which escapes us at the moment, publishes an annual list of the 25 most powerful people in Central Florida that is, frankly, depressing as hell. It's as chocka...[MORE]


Feature | 4/20/2006 | By Jay Boyar

When the grand pooh-bahs of the motion picture academy decided to present 81-year-old director Robert Altman with an honorary award at this year's Oscar ceremony, they had to be thinking that they had...[MORE]

WHAT WOULD JESUS DO ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING?: More than many Christians, says one local evangelical leader

Feature | 4/13/2006 | By James Carlson

Christians and Republicans – like Batman and Robin, or Lennon and McCartney – just seem to go together. The duo has teamed up to fight the evils of evolution, abortion, gay marriage and stem...[MORE]


Feature | 4/13/2006 | By Steve Schneider

It was during a high-school talent show that Eric Pinder learned he was (in the immortal words of Michael Jackson) "not like other boys." "I remember this guy did 'American Pie' on a guitar – a...[MORE]


Feature | 4/13/2006 | By Ric Bohy

Turning the bowl slowly in my cupped hands, I admired its elegance, its earth colors, its glazes. I'd never seen the likes of it before. It was handcrafted, simple and beautiful. Raising the bowl to ...[MORE]

BEFORE AND AFTER: Valencia professors want to change the world, one homeless mind at a time

Feature | 4/13/2006 | By Nada Taha

Stephen Davis looks terribly out of place. He's seated at a table inside a café at Valencia Community College's West Campus library. At 45, he's twice as old as most of his fellow studen...[MORE]


Feature | 4/13/2006 | By Justin Strout

On the surface, Israel "Iz-Real" Vasquetelle, locally based founder of Insomniac magazine/film producer/hip-hop scholar, is an egomaniac. Whether acting as the omniscient narrator over shots of 19...[MORE]


Feature | 4/13/2006 | By Jeff Johnson

If there's anything surprising about EA's stab at a Godfather game, it's that the company waited so long to take it. After several years of Mafia-themed role-playing games, the public is already famil...[MORE]

HOW TO END UP IN PRISON: A wrong decision here, a bad situation there, and suddenly you're in Robert Robach's shoes

Feature | 4/6/2006 | By James Carlson

It was just like any other brief. On Page 3 of the Local & State section in the Aug. 4, 2004, Orlando Sentinel, sandwiched between stories about a funeral and a hotel fire, was an article headline...[MORE]


Feature | 4/6/2006 | By Jason Ferguson

So an actor and some acoustic musicians got together to make some music as an "experiment." What did they end up with? Coffeehouse pretension? Dramatic moodiness? Silly but incredibly ironic pop songs...[MORE]

VEGGIE TALE: When Orlando's 3-D superheroes meet the Flaming Carrot, will the world survive?

Feature | 4/6/2006 | By Steve Schneider

In the comics business, they call it a crossover: A character or characters from an underperforming book guest-stars in a more popular title, bringing much-needed exposure to the visitor(s) and ensuri...[MORE]


Feature | 4/6/2006 | By Greg Beato

Lucas Brunelle, a computer technician from Boston, has discovered an even more efficient means than porn for creating great cinema: bike porn. With a pair of video cameras mounted on his helmet, he si...[MORE]

"THEY SCREWED ME": Danny Ramos says the city stole his idea for a Hispanic business incubator

Feature | 4/6/2006 | By Jeffrey C. Billman

Danny Ramos is bitter. You can see his indignation boiling just below the surface. But as he shuffles between an interview (in English) and a torrent of phone calls (in Spanish), he keeps a tig...[MORE]

NIGHT VISION: Reading the psyche of surrealist Kim Jones

Feature | 3/30/2006 | By Steve Schneider

To any artist, opening up a direct portal into your subconscious is an undertaking fraught with risk. What if inner visions that you consider inherently beautiful strike your audience as grotesque? W...[MORE]

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