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Naked aggresion, or the games people play

Juice | 8/8/1996 | By Liz Langley

Everyone brings a little light reading with them on a trip. Blaine, our host in Atlanta, likes philosophy; I like travel essays. My friend Paige has a brand new copy of Urge magazine. Hers are the onl...[MORE]

Button, Button, Who's got the Button?

Juice | 4/24/1997 | By Liz Langley

Like all the best good fortune, it just fell out of the sky. Just in case you usually do the same thing I do, see the words "U.S. Military" and flip straight from the front page to the Weird News s...[MORE]

Wanton women want fair share

Juice | 8/22/2002 | By Liz Langley

I feel sorry for kids today, not in a caring, concerned way, but in a detached, patronizing, figure-of-speech kind of way. Just look at all the cool TV we had when we were kids: "Bewitched," "Gilligan...[MORE]

Without a snout

Juice | 8/15/2002 | By Liz Langley

Truthfully, I don't understand the intricacies of the financial scandals that have been as reliably a part of the news lately as weather reports. I've said it before: When it comes to finance matters,...[MORE]

Nuts and bolts

Juice | 8/8/2002 | By Liz Langley

I was walking through a local park with my mother, a woman who, had she grown up in this era instead of the miserable World War II period, might have been a neo-pagan. They didn't have pagans in th...[MORE]

Neither heads nor tails

Juice | 8/1/2002 | By Liz Langley

"The Best American Travel Writing of 2000" features the brilliant, bizarre, funny story "Winter Rules," by Steve Rushin of "Sports Illustrated." It's a side-splitting tale about ice golfing in Greenl...[MORE]

Too close for comfort

Juice | 7/25/2002 | By Liz Langley

There are a lot of things that China and I do not have in common. I have never been visited by a U.S. President, did not acquire Hong Kong recently and none of my walls are that great, nor can they be...[MORE]

School of hard knocks

Juice | 7/11/2002 | By Liz Langley

As I've stated before in this space, I love movies and see as many as I can, but there are some I don't mind missing. School movies fall into that last category. I don't miss sitting in a classroom en...[MORE]

Pumping irony

Juice | 7/4/2002 | By Liz Langley

When I was considering setting myself up as a church in order to enjoy tax-exempt status -- writers frequently are nonprofit organizations without ever intending to be -- the only thing I could think ...[MORE]

Stuffing your self-esteem

Juice | 6/27/2002 | By Liz Langley

Bill Cosby may be famous for a few other minor things, but I think what truly made him a star was a bit he did in a comedy routine about cocaine. As I remember the line, people who liked to partake...[MORE]

Profile in dating courage

Juice | 6/20/2002 | By Liz Langley

I have a friend who has a friend -- and who doesn't? -- who is big into online dating. "You should try it!" said Paige, my first-tier friend, probably because she thought that was what I'd like to hea...[MORE]

Suited for space

Juice | 6/13/2002 | By Liz Langley

Dear Russian Space Agency, Having just read about the vacant tourist seat still up for grabs on the Soyuz capsule destined for the International Space Station, I'm writing to offer all the reasons why...[MORE]

Speak of the devil

Juice | 6/6/2002 | By Liz Langley

Have you ever been around people who don't know when to quit? You like them, but they never know when to let a thing die. You say, "Have you watched 'The Osbournes'?" and they do their Ozzy impression...[MORE]

Ladies in waiting

Juice | 5/30/2002 | By Liz Langley

Don't panic. That's advice from the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," and good advice it is. When was the last time you panicked and it turned out great? You hear, "I panicked and shot him, but t...[MORE]

Taking matters into your own hands

Juice | 5/23/2002 | By Liz Langley

"Individuality is fine," Major Frank Burns once said on "M*A*S*H," "so long as we all do it together." And that pretty much sums it up. As much as Americans are herdlike followers of trends in pop ...[MORE]

A hell of a time at the movies

Juice | 5/16/2002 | By Liz Langley

Because I'm the kind of person who will watch anything if it's on a screen, I've been to a lot of film festivals. I've attended animation festivals, gay film festivals and more than my share of bad fi...[MORE]

Size does matter

Juice | 5/9/2002 | By Liz Langley

It takes big balls to tell a total stranger they have a small penis. To look at advice columnist Amy Alkon, at least the picture of her I saw on the web, she doesn't look like she has large cojones...[MORE]

Class distinctions

Juice | 5/2/2002 | By Liz Langley

My high school reunion is this weekend, and I'm debating whether to attend. It's not that I don't see the value in such an event. After all, I went to Winter Park High School, which was stuffed with r...[MORE]

State of shock

Juice | 4/25/2002 | By Liz Langley

Every once in a while you have a friend who has a partner, spouse, significant other, that you simply cannot stand. You shrink from extending invitations, preferring to stay home and scrub the mildew ...[MORE]

What's running through it?

Juice | 4/18/2002 | By Liz Langley

Summer is now in previews, with a few spring days that were so hot and muggy that just walking out the door made you feel like you were being breathed on by a giant dog. It's only a matter of weeks no...[MORE]

259 stories found. Showing page 1 of 13.


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