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Movies | 2/3/2005 | By Steve Schneider

HIDE AND SEEK (R) ALONE IN THE DARK (R) Moviegoing confusion hit an all-time low back in 2002, when The Mothman Prophecies and Dragonfly...[MORE]


Movies | 11/18/2004 | By Steve Schneider

Finding Neverland (PG) Being Julia (R) At a time when deconstruction and demystification are all the moviemaking rage, it's sweet indeed to celebrate the opening o...[MORE]


Movies | 11/4/2004 | By Steve Schneider

Though it affords the Jewish community an invaluable opportunity to codify its image before the general public, the Central Florida Jewish Film Festival has always been at least as useful as a forum f...[MORE]


Movies | 9/30/2004 | By Aaron Sagers

Somebody get George W. Bush an agent. Ever since Fahrenheit 9/11 became an overwhelming success at the box office, the president has played a leading (albeit unwilling) role in more movies than the G...[MORE]


Movies | 9/23/2004 | By Steve Schneider

Filmmakers Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg say they hit on the idea of lensing a zombie comedy while they were collaborating on an episode of the British sitcom Spaced. Wright was the director, Pegg was t...[MORE]


Movies | 8/5/2004 | By Steve Schneider

When filmmaker Bruce Sinofsky and his partner, Joe Berlinger, agreed to document the recording of Metallica's St. Anger CD, they thought they'd be making a record-company-funded infomercial – a f...[MORE]

Two projectors and a microphone

Movies | 4/22/2004 | By Steve Schneider

Haack ... the king of techno 3 stars (NR) Breath control: the history of the human beat box 3 1/2 stars (NR) Experimental music and independent film go together like ... well, like a deg...[MORE]

Ashram to ashes

Movies | 4/22/2004 | By Steve Schneider

Cosmopolitan 3 stars (NR) If nothing else, "Cosmopolitan" deserves kudos for granting work to two actors always welcomed by discriminating viewers: Carol Kane, who sadly doesn't seem to end up ...[MORE]

Party Monster

Movies | 2/19/2004 | By Steve Schneider

(20th Century Fox Home Video; includes director/producer commentary, featurette, actor interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and interview with Michael Alig; $19.98) Released theatrically last year...[MORE]

Things you're not supposed to know

Movies | 1/29/2004 | By Jason Ferguson

What were they thinking? Did the folks at Disinformation ( really think that a pseudo-newsmagazine about chicks with dicks, time travel conspiracies and Kembra Pfahler's sewn-together ...[MORE]

Talkin' bout degeneration

Movies | 1/22/2004 | By Jason Ferguson

(Decasia: The State of Decay; Plexifilm; 67 min; B&W, 35mm, 1.33:1, Dolby 5.1 surround; includes interview with Bill Morrison and Michael Gordon; $24.95; release date: Jan. 27, 2004;, ...[MORE]

Reel 'em in

Movies | 1/8/2004 | By Steve Schneider

What do hobbits, clownfish and accused child molesters have in common? They've all been singled out for praise by the Florida Film Critics Circle. As 2003 dwindled to a close, a voting body of 16 Suns...[MORE]

Semitically active

Movies | 10/23/2003 | By Steve Schneider

Just how crucial are politics to the Central Florida Jewish Film Festival? It's a loaded question to begin with, seemingly grounded in the tunnel vision that ties every aspect of the international Jew...[MORE]

"Pretty's" face

Movies | 8/21/2003 | By Steve Schneider

The concept of England as a sometimes-sloppy melting pot of cultures is still finding its way on film. Having addressed the subject in 1985's "My Beautiful Laundrette," director Stephen Frears returns...[MORE]

Caught on tape

Movies | 7/17/2003 | By Debbie Nathan

See movie review.David Friedman, aka Silly Billy, is New York's -- and possibly the country's -- most famous children's birthday party clown. Silly Billy has often been featured in fluffy articles, bu...[MORE]

Pink eye

Movies | 6/26/2003 | By Steve Schneider

If this weekend's first-ever GayOrlando Film Festival seems like an obvious idea, it took a few years to turn that no-brainer into reality. "I thought it was time for Orlando to have something like...[MORE]

Several-shooter theory

Movies | 5/29/2003 | By Steve Schneider

Though the pipe dream of our state pulling second to California in film production evaporated sometime back in the 1990s, an awful lot of Floridians keep calling "Action!" anyway. You don't introduce ...[MORE]

Cirque du Solaris

Movies | 11/28/2002 | By Steve Schneider

Slow, heady, picturesque and almost universally revered, the 1972 "Solaris" is hardly a film that cries out for a do-over. In adapting a science-fiction novel by Polish author Stanislaw Lem, Russian d...[MORE]

Flickin' it old school

Movies | 11/14/2002 | By Steve Schneider

One of the wittier moments in the new film "8 Mile" occurs when Caucasian rapper Jimmy "Rabbit" Smith (Eminem) is referred to disparagingly as "Vanilla Ice" for his intrusion on a predominantly black ...[MORE]

Living in the fear and now

Movies | 10/31/2002 | By Steve Schneider

For any horror movie to achieve true greatness, it has to conform to a phenomenon we'll refer to as "The Part Where." Somewhere within the film's narrative catacombs must lurk a singular thrill, a def...[MORE]

85 stories found. Showing page 1 of 5.


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