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In an economic climate conducive to corporate crookery and deceit, an organization flies in the face of convention by giving away 100 percent of its profits back to the community. Sound like a trailer for a flick playing at the Socialist Film Festival? Maybe, but in actuality, it’s the raison d’être for House Blend Cafe. Some may shudder to learn that the coffeehouse is run by a volunteer board of directors comprised of Christian businessmen, but there’s nothing overtly religious in the makeup of the café, and besides, does it really matter? Buddhists run Thai restaurants; Hindus and Muslims run Indian restaurants; and Jews run delis.

Lattes and cappucinos aren’t the only items worth sampling here. Above-average café fare includes the jerk chicken burrito, beef-and-brie sandwich and breakfast waffles, not to mention desserts like the peanut butter-filled chocolate cookie.

HBC’s earnings have gone toward community service and restoration projects in Orange County and around the world – home renovations for the elderly, face-lifting older schools and setting up water filtration plants in the Dominican Republic. Customers are encouraged to help out in community projects, so be sure to inquire if interested in more than just a cup of joe.
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