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When it comes to guilt-free sweets, nonfat frozen yogurt has been a go-to treat among health nuts since the 1970s. In recent years, a sugary adulteration eliminated the natural flavor of the cool indulgence, replacing it with a cloying sweetness. But thanks to a resurgence in the popularity of fro-yo, the tart is back.

Flavors at SoCal-based CéFiore in College Park are limited to original (plain with a faint lemony hint), açaiberry and raspberry-pomegranate; cherry and green-tea flavors appear on an alternating basis. Their plan is to release one new flavor every season Ė look for chocolate this fall. Sample a small tub ($4.95) of the original with three toppings (fresh fruit to nuts to cookie crumbles) and you definitely wonít mistake it for anything but yogurt Ė CéFiore says their product contains four live probiotic cultures, which lends the distinct tartness. Chopped kiwi seems to go well with all the flavors, but Iíve found that a topping with a little crunch (like granola or chocolate chips) provides some much-needed texture to the yogurt. Mochi, a Japanese rice candy, was a little too marshmallowy for my liking, though mango, watermelon, blackberries and pineapple are all fine additions. Açaiís choco-berry taste will have broad appeal, and if you feel the need to sop up the melt with a waffle ($5.75), you can do that too. A Euro-clean décor with contemporary playground furniture caters to Edgewater Driveís hipper elements, while espresso-based beverages give dessert decriers a reason to come back.

More information about CeFiore and map can be found here.
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