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Fall Guide

Fall Guide 2010 - Civics


As the Nov. 2 general election draws near, progressive voters should keep in mind that the election results for the August primaries leaned heavily toward conservative causes and that there was an anemic turnout of Democrats compared to Republicans. If you want to have your say in who becomes the next governor, an appointment that many believe will be pivotal for the future of Florida, hereís the date to mark in red on your calendar: Oct. 4. Thatís the last date to register if you want to vote in November, according to state guidelines, which require voters to sign-up no later than 29 days prior to an election.

Sadly, there are no official guidelines stating that you donít get to bitch if you donít bother to vote. The next time you hear someone complaining about his or her elected officials, ask them if they performed their citizenís duty. Itís surprising how many people donít, yet still like to complain.

If youíve moved since you last voted, no worries, as long as you were registered at your old address. There is no deadline for a change of address, but the Orange County Supervisor of Elections website suggests updating your info as soon as possible so you can receive a sample in the mail before Election Day. Itíll also give you a head start on finding your appointed polling place for the election.

If you live in Orange County you can register to vote at public libraries, post offices and driverís license offices. You can also go straight to the source, in person or by mail: the Orange County Supervisor of Elections office (119 W. Kaley St.; 407-836-2070); the website also has an online form for downloading (

The guidelines are similar in Seminole and Osceola counties, but for specifics contact the Seminole County Supervisor of Elections ( and the Osceola County Supervisor of Elections (

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