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Just My Luck

Just My Luck

Studio:20th Century Fox
Director:Donald Petrie
Cast:Lindsay Lohan, Chris Pine, Samaire Armstrong, Faizon Love, Bree Turner
Genre:Comedy, Romance
Our Rating:

If a film has two credited writers, that’s not necessarily a red flag. But three can be a little suspect, and four, well — let’s just say you’d better release your film in February when nobody’s paying attention. But five? That’s how many brilliant minds it took — one more than Surviving Christmas — to concoct Just My Luck, an amazingly unfunny “comedy” vehicle for Lindsay Lohan to do her Freaky Friday thing again. She plays Ashley, a carefree, perpetually lucky winner who, as a fortuneteller’s fate has it, locks lips with a constantly unlucky loser (Chris Pine, a sensitive Rivers Cuomo type) and transfers her good fortune to him. Likewise, she catches his lousy karma. How wacky! Not merely regurgitating jokes from only slightly superior trading-places comedies, those five writers throw in a caricature of a record executive (Faizon Love) and a shitty emo band called McFly (ironic ’80s reference alert!). It only increases the hemorrhaging already caused by having to watch Lohan, who’s never been more unappealing.

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