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I Am a Sex Addict

I Am a Sex Addict

Rated:Not Rated
Director:Caveh Zahedi
Cast:Rebecca Lord, Emily Morse, Amanda Henderson , Caveh Zahedi
Screen Writer:Caveh Zahedi
Genre:Comedy, Documentary, Drama
Our Rating:

Filmmaker Caveh Zahedi went the self-exposure route to far better effect in 1994ís humorous father-son story I Donít Hate Las Vegas Anymore; here, he wallows in wretchedness, dramatizing the many relationships he says were undone by his growing addiction to prostitutes. Hard to muster much sympathy there, though the movie at first follows a playful, Tristram Shandy-esque trajectory that parodies Zahediís low-budget attempts to bring his sordid tale to the screen. But all the self-deprecation in the world canít mask the storyís inherent ugliness, which worsens in proportion to Zahediís ďcondition.Ē When he starts to indulge his rape fantasies, the movie becomes impossible to take as even funny-pathetic. At 98 minutes, Addict demands an investment not repaid by its basic unpleasantness, and certainly not by its strenuously overworked scenes of the filmmaker receiving blow jobs both paid-for and gratis. Who does he think he is, Vincent Gallo? (NR; opens Friday, May 26, at DMAC, 407-992-1200)

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