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Favela Rising

Favela Rising

Rated:Not Rated
Studio:ThinkFilm, HBO/Cinemax Documentary Films
Director:Jeff Zimbalist, Matt Mochary
Cast:Anderson Sa, Jose Junior, Marcio Nunes, Michele Moraes, Lizietia Carmem Siquiera
Genre:Foreign, Music
Our Rating:

“We are destroyed people infected with idealism,” explains one of the members of the nonviolent cultural movement AfroReggae in the masterful documentary Favela Rising (seen here as part of last December’s Global Peace Film Festival). “Favela” is the Brazilian word for slum, and filmmakers Jeff Zimbalist and Matt Mochary drop us into the entrenched underworld of poverty and drug trafficking that lies in the hills outside Rio de Janeiro. We meet Anderson Sa, a native of one of the most violent favelas; his story starts in a neighborhood ruled by drug lords and corrupt policemen, but he rises phoenix-like from the ashes, using hip-hop music and the native rhythms of the street to bring a message of hope and peace to his people. His accomplishments, and those of his apostles in Grupo AfroReggae, flow as gracefully as a river, the viewer becoming as caught up in the powerful movement of the film as his followers are enchanted by his musical teachings. Watching it all replayed is simply a life-changing experience. (NR; opens Friday, July 7, at DMAC, 407-992-1200)
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