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The Last Sin Eater

The Last Sin Eater

Director:Michael Landon, Jr.
Cast:Henry Thomas, Liana Liberato, Peter Wingfield, Elizabeth Lackey
Release Date:2007
Our Rating:

This almost-unwatchable film pokes a holier-than-thou finger at nutty superstitions like bread-and-wine rituals that, thanks to the suffering of one man, allow people to be absolved of their sins. The catch? This is a pro-Christian movie! Directed by Michael Landon Jr.! Mocking the “backward” spiritual ways of hardscrabble mountain folk in the mid-19th century, The Last Sin Eater goes a long way to make it clear that the only real way to get your sins forgiven is to — well, to participate in a bread-and-wine ritual in which you thank one man for being willing to suffer for your eternal soul. With the ripe imagery offered by the long-running sin-eater mythologies to pick from, it’s stunning how flat and lifeless this film is, and we won’t even talk about the chintzy special effects. Another cynical God-market outing from the folks at Fox Faith.
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