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After the Wedding

After the Wedding

Director:Susanne Bier
Cast:Mads Mikkelsen, Sidse Babett Knudsen
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Danish director Susanne Bier will be making her American film debut in September with Things We Lost in the Fire. It will have to be pretty stunning to top After the Wedding, her Danish/Indian co-production that was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the recent Oscars. Thematically, if unconsciously, consistent with her previous features Open Hearts and Brothers, After the Wedding is the next in her series of scorching relationship dramas that scrutinize the results of shattered domesticity when tragedy befalls a key male figure. In this case, itís wealthy patriarch Jorgen, whose devastating news will have to wait until after his daughterís wedding. Jorgen inexplicably invites Jacob, a humanitarian with a self-destructive past who visits Jorgenís office for a business deal, to the wedding, but a secret and life-changing motive soon emerges. The observant and often hand-held cinematography is all tight close-ups of hands, eyes and mouths and evocative, Days of HeavenĖ like shots of billowing nature. The portent of Bierís unyielding vision may turn some viewers off, but she has the extraordinarily moving story to warrant the self-conscious artiness.
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