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Studio:Sony Pictures Classics
Director:Ray Lawrence
Cast:Laura Linney, Gabriel Byrne
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Short-story writer Raymond Carver may be the best America has ever produced, so itís a mystery why his work largely has been ignored by U.S. filmmakers; Robert Altmanís Short Cuts, an adaptation of several of Carverís stories, is the most notable exception. Australian director Ray Lawrence takes Carverís ďSo Much Water So Close to HomeĒ as the source material for Jindabyne and transports the action from U.S. suburbia to a small bush town in the Snowy Mountains. Itís there that four male friends discover a murdered Aborigine girlís body during a weekend fishing trip and donít report it for two days in order to get some fishing in first. Thanks to Beatrix Christianís beautiful screenplay, what was once a story about the way men and women communicate has grown into a haunting study of Australian race relations and gender dynamics. What it reveals is a country still unwilling to discuss the atrocities it inflicted upon its indigenous people, but it also offers the promise of reconciliation if and hopefully when the Western-dominated culture decides to openly acknowledge its sins and ask for forgiveness.
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