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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew

Studio:Warner Bros.
Director:Andrew Fleming
Cast:Emma Roberts, Tate Donovan
Our Rating:

Nancy Drew is frothy, innocuous, unambitious filmmaking in every way, and yet an entirely effective family movie. Its only real handicap is how limited its audience will be, since there’s little chance anyone but 8- to 13-year-old girls and the parents who are forced to haul them to the theater will be buying tickets. Based on a beloved teen-girl detective novel series that has lasted more than seven decades, the movie adaptation’s scope can be pinned on the producers who hired director Andrew Fleming to pen and helm; a more than competent director, he is, nonetheless, a man and this is, as just stated, a teen girl’s adventure. While he embraces the camp of transporting a ’50s-style goody-two-shoes to modern-day Los Angeles – which goes a long way to make the story work – there’s no attempt to comment on the clash of cultures or even pop culture in general – which would have elevated the material and broadened its audience. One wonders how Amy Heckerling (Clueless) or Betty Thomas (The Brady Bunch Movie) would have handled what was clearly a woman’s job that a man inexplicably won.
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