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Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Studio:20th Century Fox
Director:Tim Story
Cast:Jessica Alba, Michael Chiklis
Our Rating:

Having unceremoniously face-raped Marvel Comics’ bedrock mythos with 2005’s Fantastic Four, Tim Story had nowhere to go but up. FF2 proves that he at least knows which direction “up” is, even if he only manages to get there half the time. Recurring are most of the drawbacks of the first installment, including wearisome scripted banter, inconsistent performances, technical corner-cutting and an overall eagerness to pander. Yet there are many instances in which the storm clouds part and the film becomes an honest-to-God Fantastic Four movie, not just a sick parody of same. Most impressive of all is a heart-to-heart between the Invisible Woman and the galaxy-spanning Surfer – impressive not because of anything that’s said, but for the realization that you’re watching the screen be dominated by Jessica Alba and a piece of CGI (two of the least lifelike things in modern film) without ever once experiencing the urge to gnaw through your own shoulder.
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