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Red Eye

Red Eye

Studio:Dreamworks SKG
Director:Wes Craven
Cast:Rachel McAdams, Cillian Murphy, Brian Cox, Jack Scalia, Jayma Mays
Screen Writer:Carl Ellsworth
Release Date:2005
Genre:Drama, Suspense/Thriller
Our Rating:

Summer MVPs Cillian Murphy (Batman Begins) and Rachel McAdams (Wedding Crashers) go head-to-head in Wes Craven's semi-suspenseful exercise in commuter claustrophobia, which puts a young hotel manager at the mercy of a sinister fellow passenger on a late-night airplane jaunt. Murphy comes out smelling like a (black) rose, making his character yet another showcase for his diabolical, feline-eyed intensity. McAdams, in contrast, isn't able to do much with the poorly written role of the intended victim, who vacillates between whimpering mama's girl and action heroine as the plot's whims demand. Craven misses the point that the story should be seen entirely through her eyes, to exploit the helplessness we all feel when forced into close quarters with total strangers. But what the filmmaker is up to here isn't far enough from the Scream oeuvre: It's all too big and too self-conscious, culminating in a third-act chase that makes one preposterous move after another. I kept looking to see if Matthew Lillard was lurking in the background, waiting to stab himself in the chest.

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