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Studio:Palm Pictures
Director:Sebastian Cordero
Cast:John Leguizamo, Leonor Watling, Jose Maria Yazpik, Alfred Molina, Damian Alcazar
Screen Writer:Sebastian Cordero
Music Score:Antonio Pinto
Release Date:2005
Our Rating:

As audiences at this year's Florida Film Festival were among the first to learn, actor John Leguizamo has all the right moves to play hero reporter Manolo Bonilla, the star of a sensational news show produced by a Spanish-speaking TV station based in Miami. Ego gets the better of Bonilla when he lands in a poor village in Ecuador to document the burial of yet another victim of a serial child killer and rapist who's never been caught. Bonilla's crew – a sexy producer and a laid-back guerrilla cameraman – becomes part of the grisly story after a man in the village accidentally runs over the twin brother of the just-buried boy. Bonilla sticks around to talk to the imprisoned man, thus becoming caught up in the latter's mysterious knowledge of the monster. This suspenseful film and its star are as sharp as razors as they delve into the dark corners of life.

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