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The Crazies

The best suspense is all about simplicity, and to that degree, Breck Eisner succeeds with this remake of George A. Romeroís little-known 1973 horror flick. Timothy Olyphant plays a small-town sheriff suddenly faced with an outbreak of normal citizens committing left-field mayhem. Eisner continually ratchets up the stakes; the first immediate threats are the flash zombies, then the inhumane government enforcement, then their own exhaustion. Itís rare that a horror film delivers its best scares not with maniacal killers but with plot turns. (available June 29)

Special Features: Featurettes, audio commentary, still gallery


Warlords takes on the Taiping rebellion and tames its subject by focusing on a disgraced general (the phenomenal Jet Li) who bands together with a den of thieves-turned-soldiers and teaches them to fight back and win. The only problem is what to do with that pesky absolute power once itís obtained. Chanís film feels bigger because itís kept so intimate.(available June 29)

Special Features: Production journal, deleted scenes

The White Ribbon

Writer-director Michael Hanekeís films, like this Palme díOr winner, reward patience like no other. With The White Ribbon, Haneke recounts the strange events in a small German village ruled by a self-contained patriarchy that also serves as cover for some unknown presence committing mysterious atrocities. Their response, and their quiet fortitude and resignation, serve as the filmís creepiest monster of all: mortality. (available June 29)

Special Features: Making-of featurette, Cannes premiere footage
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