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My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done

A ton of talented people (Michael Shannon, Chloë Sevigny, Willem Dafoe, David Lynch) hop aboard Werner Herzog’s latest crazed passion project and pay for it dearly, but interestingly. Ostensibly a failure, My Son follows an actor (Shannon) who kills his mother in a Greek play, then really kills his real mother at home. A hostage situation follows, and Herzog runs his dramatic tension into the ground. Yet, with so much talent on and behind the screen, it’s worth a look, if only in the train-wreck neck-cranning sense. (available Sept. 14)

Special Features: Werner Herzog commentary, original short film


A documentary seemingly made for every Hollywood sound mixer who’s had to contend with airplanes, cars and people ruining their work, subject Gordon Hempton takes it one step further – he’s made it his life’s work to capture humanless sounds while they’re still pure. It’s much harder than it sounds, and although the film is necessarily quiet, Hempton’s finely tuned ear becomes our own – a thrilling, often frustrating experience worth having. (available now)

Special Features: Director interview, featurette, 72-minute “Sonic Tour of the World,” deleted scenes

Slovenian Girl (A Call Girl)

Now that the morality police in this country have shut down the Craigslist’s personal ads that frequently cover for online prostitution, claiming they’re saving lives and protecting the girls – actually driving them further out into the street, in fact – it’s a good time for this Slovenian film about a girl who takes up prostitution. Played expertly by newcomer Nina Ivanisin, she’s terrorized, hunted, possibly set up for murder and nearly kicked out of school and her house. Good thing that sort of thing will never happen here in America anymore, right? (available now)

Special Features: Short film starring Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss
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