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Review - 3-Song EP
Artist: Royal Trux

Royal Trux: 3-Song EP

Desc:CD Review: Artist: Royal Trux
Label:Drag City

After two disappointing major-label albums, music-noir icon Royal Trux is once again making difficult, challenging and richly rewarding sounds with intimacy and striking eccentricity.

"3-Song EP" reflects the Truxsterís enduring classic-rock fascination while revisiting their experimental roots. The oft-misunderstood band takes notice of recent critical backlash against them with the seductively cryptic "Deafer Than Blind." Guitarist/singer Neil Hagerty laments, They want respect now for what you do/ donít wanna upset/ Itís a different kind of respect than weíre used to.

Former Slint/Tortoise bassist Dave Pajoís three-note bassline melds beautifully with the vintage synthesizers, noodling guitar and swirling multitrack vocals of the slowly dissolving mini-epic "The United States vs. One 1974 Cadillac El Dorado Sedan." Perhaps their recent return to Drag City Records will prove to be a new birth for Royal Trux.

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