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Review - The Oranj Album
Artist: Oranj Symphonette

Oranj Symphonette: The Oranj Album

Desc:CD Review: Artist: Oranj Symphonette

The jazz parodists of Oranj Symphonette have their work cut out for them. This eclectic troupe performs oddball renditions of Henry Mancini film scores, tongue-in-cheek versions of revered jazz standards and even a deadpan take on the absurd pop hit "Up, Up and Away."

The opening track of "The Oranj Album," a cover of Quincy Jonesí "Call Me Mr. Tibbs," combines the cheesy Farfisa organ of a B-movie surf band with disco-funk. The second tune resembles the background music at the Olive Garden, and Duke Ellingtonís "Satin Doll" is blasphemed with banjo, mellotron and fuzz bass.

"The Oranj Album" puts the concept of elevator music to very good use. But do we really need to hear "A Man and a Woman" twisted into a cruise-ship classic or a 40-second breeze through the theme from Woody Allenís Bananas? As entertaining as this is, I hope these versatile, talented players rise above novelty status.

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