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Paul Stanley: Live To Win

Paul Stanley: Live To Win

Desc:CD REVIEW: ARTIST: Paul Stanley
Label:New Door

Every 28 years or so, KISS frontman Stanley gets it together to record half an hour’s worth of solo soul-baring; geez, life must be horrible when the muse just won’t leave you alone. As expected, Live to Win mostly perpetuates Stanley’s ongoing de-evolution from starry-eyed studmuffin to Webber-warbling drama queen, replete with a dippily motivational lyrical thrust that essentially boils down to “Up with people, particularly me.” Still, the Evanescent symphonics of the album’s arrangements lend parts of it a much-needed heft, and the hooks are undeniably infectious in an American Idol-on-DayQuil kind of way. The standout is “Every Time I See You Around,” a canny “Forever” rewrite in which Stanley reacts to a busted affair not with the humble resignation we lesser mortals might exhibit, but with a four-star hissy fit of balladic indignation. For three and a half glorious minutes, he’s the only Paul Stanley still worth hearing from: the one whose true ethos is less Live to Win than A Little Entitlement Goes a Long, Long Way.
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