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Christopher Willits: Surf Boundaries

Christopher Willits: Surf Boundaries

Desc:CD REVIEW: ARTIST: Christopher Willits
Label:Ghostly International

Guitar-wrought ambience is essential to Californian Christopher Willits’ work, but on Surf Boundaries, he also references his coast’s better-known songwriters. Willits arranges layers of laptop-tweaked guitar as any bedroom musician would, while rampant vocal harmonies (featuring house artist Latrice Barnett) point to Brian Wilson as frequently as effects-loaded progressions reveal an affinity for Slowdive or Christian Fennesz. “Love Wind” basks in nearly grating high-end beatless splendor, and an ongoing album color theme enters and exits in four summery parts, often peppered with treated brass shots and computer-processed snare hits. A shuffling middle entry called “Green and Gold” anchors Surf Boundaries in its successful mix of all the LP’s most noteworthy elements: a swirling synth loop, scattered pauses of pitch-bent horns and an indecipherable chorus of hippie vocals. Those hacky-sacking surfer burnouts in second period wood shop can only dream of communicating hazy bliss as effectively as Willits does. Far out, Chris.
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