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Deadstring Brothers: Silver Mountain

Deadstring Brothers: Silver Mountain

Desc:CD REVIEW: ARTST: Deadstring Brothers

As one of rock & roll’s most enduring legacies, the music of the Rolling Stones attracts armies of imitators, but only a rarefied few can channel their virility. One shining example is this emerging Detroit band that distinguishes itself by turning the honky-tonk undertones way up. Their sound is a lusty thing that burns with guts and soul. It’s beefed up with Hammond organ, pianos, dobro and harmonica but their muscular conviction keeps it a sinewy affair, a hot ménage à trois between country, blues and rock & roll. This steamy collection is stacked with loads of highway horsepower (“Ain’t No Hidin’ Love,” “Meet Me Down at Heavy Load,” “Queen of the Scene”). Other highlights are the title track, a majestic country ballad, and “Rollin’ Blues,” a Delta blues stomper. One of the record’s key moves is giving harmony vocalist Masha Marjieh a significantly higher profile, seriously boosting their octane with her powerhouse voice. With an album that radiates authenticity and brawn, they’re bringing much-needed legitimacy back to country-rock.
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