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Review - Where You Are
Artist: Socialburn

John Kurzweig isn't that horrible of a producer; it's that his two biggest successes, Creed and Puddle of Mudd, besmirch the good name of rock & roll. So you'd be forgiven for expecting disaster from his latest pet project, Tallahassee up-and-comers Socialburn. But the group's Elektra debut, "Where You Are," is a surprisingly strong release. The power-chord laden guitars are thick and well-layered, the drums and bass are big and tight. Singer Neil Adlay's nasally voice -- think Liam Gallagher doing Nirvana -- isn't as big a turn-off as you'd think. But what makes "Where You Are" special is the songwriting -- 12 straight-ahead, no-frills, catchier-than-hell rock songs. (OK -- "One More Day" sounds like something you'd hear on a WB show; other than that, it's all about the rock.) The first single, "Down," pumps into its anthemic chorus just 30 seconds into the song. "Ashes" and "Everyone" are similarly memorable. Just because it's not revolutionary doesn't mean it's not fun. And just because they share a producer with Creed doesn't mean Socialburn is a band to ignore.

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