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Review - It Still Moves
Artist: My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket: It Still Moves

Desc:CD Review: Artist: My Morning Jacket

After the slack-jawed brilliance of 2001's lo-fi masterpiece "At Dawn" and the big-money backing from the deal with Dave Matthews' ATO imprint, "My Morning Jacket" seemed poised to bring mainstream credibility to the Southern-steeped, bleary-eyed rock that's been quietly bubbling out of Louisville, Ky., since the early days of Palace Music. Unfortunately, the result is a murky muddle of mostly listless numbers that get bogged down in bilious songwriting and superfluous horn arrangements, save for the slow-burning blues of "I Will Sing You Songs." Despite Dave's deep pockets, "Moves" could've been better recorded live on a Dictaphone in a storage unit. It bears mentioning because the reverb-laden knob twisting of producer/composer/frontman Jim James remarkably detracts from some songs that show a glimmer of promise. Naturally, James would ascribe a loftier purpose in his choice of tonal techniques, but there has to be a point when you decide that a song just sucks, whether it's recorded in a grain silo or not.

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