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Review - Hocus-Pocus
Artist: Enon

Enon: Hocus-Pocus

Desc:CD Review: Artist: Enon
Label:Touch and Go
Genre:Indie Rock

By blending futuristic shibuya-kei inclinations with the street savvy of Brooklyn bohemia, Enon has transcended its indie-rock underpinnings and created a protean pop sound uniquely its own this time out. Taking a cue from the last album's high point ("In This City"), bassist Toko Yasuda handles more of the vocal chores now, such as the laid-back hipster-disco of "Murder Sounds" and most notably in the bumpy bleep-rock rondo, "Daughter in the House of Fools." The novelty of her sugary voice -- which is aurally akin to Björk's endearing enunciations -- serves as dramatic foil to John Schmersal's acerbic, lounge-punk parables and gives "Hocus-Pocus" a playful capriciousness missing from previous efforts.

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