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Review - Spiritual Machines
Artist: Our Lady Peace

One could consider Our Lady Peace the modern-rock version of AC/DC -- every song sounds a lot like the one before it. Add a concept record to the Canadian band's equation, and you come up with "Spiritual Machines," an easy album to swallow. If you liked the group's last outing, "Happiness ... Is Not a Fish That You Can Catch," you'll probably dig "Machines." It's much the same, except for five spoken-word tracts reciting passages from "The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence," the book that inspired the album.

Still, there's an honesty in Raine Maida's vocals that lends texture and complexity to the record, which really is a simple celebration of the pathos -- as opposed to the cold efficiency -- of the computer age. Cuts like the first single "Life" and "Made to Heal" tap into the power of human emotion and give the record a larger-than-life feel.

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