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Review - Infinite Possibilities
Artist: Amel Larrieux

Amel Larrieux: Infinite Possibilities

Desc:CD Review: Artist: Amel Larrieux
Genre:R & B

Groove Theory alumna Amel Larrieux's solo debut may not change the way you think about music, but "Infinite Possibilities" is a solid CD that's pleasingly simple and surprisingly nonretro.

Unlike the "neo-soul" artists who come up short on catchy melodies, strong songwriting and carefully considered vocals, Larrieux is up to the job. Backed by a small band, she runs the gamut from her catchy hit "Get Up" to the acid jazz of "Down."

Though Larrieux wrote the bulk of the songs and co-produced the album, her greatest strength is behind the mike. Her breathy, fiercely controlled voice makes the self-love anthem "INI" connect on a personal level and conveys a parent's quiet anxiety on the title track. And on the folk-tinged "Even If" and the piano serenade "Make Me Whole," she proves she has enough fire to holla with the best of them.

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