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Review - Now It's Overhead
Artist: Now It's Overhead

Now It's Overhead: Now It's Overhead

Desc:CD Review: Artist: Now It's Overhead
Label:Saddle Creek

Andy LeMaster previously made a name for himself recording, engineering and touring with indie darlings Bright Eyes. On Now It's Overhead's self-titled debut, LeMaster's pop-song sensibility artfully integrates sparse, soulful lyrical leanings with new-wave-swath-ed drum loops. The result lands somewhere between the earthy, ramshackle wobble of Neutral Milk Hotel, also from Athens, Ga., and the sophisticated, ethereal soaring of My Bloody Valentine. The evocatively haunting album captures the life and death of a relationship, starting with hopeful beginnings on opener "Blackout Curtain": Breathy, airy harmonies float delicately atop LeMaster's chanting, "Don't ever go away from here and I will never go away." The feelings come to a rather hopeless ending on closer "A Skeleton on Display," as LeMaster resounds his melancholy mantra, "I will always miss you."

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