Orlando Weekly Newsletter 5-27-2010

Orlando Weekly Newsletter 5-27-2010

By newsletter@orlandoweekly.com - Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Orlando Weekly Issue Contents 5/27/2010

Cover Story

The magnetic fields Challenging pharmaceutical norms in the battle against depression | By Greg Harman and Jim Gaines

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The magnetic fields Challenging pharmaceutical norms in the battle against depression | By Greg Harman and Jim Gaines


Free Will Astrology ARIES (March 21-April 19): Mozart once challenged his friend Haydn to play a harpsichord piece he'd ... | By Rob Brezsny
Happytown If it were anybody else's slightly overbitten mug of equine complacency, we might feel bad about such a rat-tat-tat succession of bad-luck shots aimed at one man in just two weeks | By Jim Gaines, Billy Manes and Justin Strout
Police Beat A man was arrested at Bella Casa Apartments on Conroy Road for whacking a woman with a hammer | By Jim Gaines
Savage Love My boyfriend/fiance likes to be put in a cage, and we have a very scary-looking cage in my closet | By Dan Savage
Council Watch Billy Manes paying attention to local government so you don't have to | By Billy Manes

Arts + Culture

Fringe feedback Our team reports back from opening weekend | By Al Krulick, Seth Kubersky and Laura Stewart
Live Active Cultures Last weekend, Orlando arts aficionados were faced with a choice of Sophie's proportions | By Seth Kubersky


Just a friend Imogen Heap relies on her fanbase for creative help | By Justin Strout
Three's company LCD Soundsystem dances itself clean | By Patric Fallon
This Little Underground In the discourse of music, the issue of authenticity comes up an awful lot, if not expressly then almost always by implication | By Bao Le-Huu


Sketchy comedy MacGruber | Review by Justin Strout
The lame-ing of the shrews Sex and the City 2 | Review by Billy Manes

Food & Drink

Going deep Big Fin Seafood Kitchen | Review by Faiyaz Kara
Vegans take the cake Raphsodic Cooperative Company | Review by Jessica Bryce Young

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