Orlando Weekly Newsletter 6-10-2010

Orlando Weekly Newsletter 6-10-2010

By newsletter@orlandoweekly.com - Thursday, June 10, 2010

Orlando Weekly Issue Contents 6/10/2010

Cover Story

A new hope Local duo Viernes are set to add Orlando to the new wave of Florida's indie-rock ascension. | By Bao Le-Huu

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Choice in the balance Supreme Court expert Linda Greenhouse explores where Roe v. Wade came from to show where it is going. | By Billy Manes


Police Beat Two guys acquired a 2006 Suzuki "by use of fists"  alone, waling on a couple near Sunlite Grocery on North Parramore Avenue. Bonus swings brought them the man's wallet and cell phone. | By Jim Gaines
Savage Love My husband was a 28-year-old virgin when we met. When we started having sex, he opened up about being "different." | By Dan Savage
Free Will Astrology ARIES (March 21-April 19): The "secret" is in plain sight. The "hidden resource" is freely available... | By Rob Brezsny
Council Watch Billy Manes pays attention to local government so you don't have to. | By Billy Manes
Happytown Sometimes we give Florida politics too much credit. | By Jim Gaines, Billy Manes and Justin Strout

Arts + Culture

Culture 2 Go Playwright Marx his words The Cradle Will Rock Through July 4 at Mad Cow Theatre 105 S. Mag... | By Al Krulick and Marc D. Allan
The latest funny books 'Wilson' from indie vet Clowes and 'BodyWorld' from rookie Shaw. | By Brandon Soderberg
Live Active Cultures "Trust me, I can 100%guarantee we will not be opening to the general public. If you stand here all... | By Seth Kubersky


Putting some stank on it Local garage rockers the Empyres pay mind to the genre's R&B and dance roots. | By Jason Ferguson
A break in the storyline L.A. rockers Silversun Pickups enjoy a moment of rest. | By Justin Strout
This Little Underground If you're interested in getting an inside, articulate and humorous glimpse into the journey of a you... | By Bao Le-Huu


DVDs Nuts! Lesser seen OW-Approved titles. | By Justin Strout and Casey Morell
It's got the chops The Karate Kid | Review by William Goss
18th century fox Crazy Like a Fox | Review by Justin Strout

Food & Drink

Polish it off Anna's Polish Restaurant | Review by Faiyaz Kara
Frozen assets Mochi Frozen Yogurt | Review by Paul Hiebing

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